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Kevin is that guy in the show Ed, Edd, & Eddy who is the most respected by the other characters in the show (except for Ed, Edd, & Eddy). He has a strong dislike for those fags dorks.

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Kevin being a happy retard.


  • His Bike
  • Nazz (But not as much as his bike.)
  • Calling those dorks dorks (Even more than his bike.).
  • Riding on his bike.
  • Doing tricks on his bike.
  • Acting like he's cool.
  • Having freaky sex with his bike.
  • Did we mention his bike?



  • "DORK!"
  • "DORKS!"
  • "This show needs subtitles."
  • "Nice catch, ya... DORK!! Dork! Dork! DORKING, DORKY, DORK!!"
  • "Man, that felt good!"
  • "Good one, Mr. Eddy! Haha! I'm such a dork!"
  • "No, Rolf. They're from the planet of the dorks."


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This is not Kevin. This is Kevin.
  • Out of the three Eds, he respects Edd the most (NOT GAY) when Ed & Eddy locked Kevin outside of Eddy's house, Edd had the keys to the house and gave them to Kevin. Edd did a variety of other things for Kevin too. Kevin respects him only by a little.
  • Is afraid of needles (well, WAS afraid of needles).
  • One time went psycho because the Eds were missing in one episode (the reason why retards are important in your life), so he made a search party which ended with everyone getting trapped in a monkey park except for Kevin.
  • At the end of the movie, Kevin now respects the Eds.
  • The bird seen to the right is actually Kevin from Up. She is not related to this Kevin in anyway at all. She's also a lot cooler. Still, as a result, Kevin will be a part of the birds article until further notice.