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They still make these?!?!?!

A DICKIE[edit]

A DICKIE is no doubt the most infamous Piece of Formal-Wear With a Name That Sounds Dirty in all of YouTube Poop. As Eddy discovered one Christmas Eve, they still make these, and his parents were giving him one for Christmas. The trauma was so great, that Eddy has been obsessed with dickies ever since.

"Facts" about dickies[edit]

A dickie (sometimes known as a tuxedo front or tux front) is a type of false shirt-front designed to be worn with a tuxedo, usually attached to the collar and then tucked into the cummerbund. The rigid plastic dickie came into fashion in the latter years of the 19th century, and was one of the first successful commercial applications of celluloid.

Dickies were popular for their waterproof and stain-resistant properties (which also perpetuated their use as a type of proto-condom). Unlike traditional cloth shirt-fronts, they remained sleek, bright white, and did not wilt or wrinkle. For this reason, they were popular with entertainers, musicians, and other performers. Nevertheless, they were frequently maligned and spoofed for their stiffness, unmanageability, and tendency to pop out of place. In one notable Merrie Melodies segment, Elmer Fudd attempts to conduct an orchestra while his shirt-front keeps popping out of his cummerbund. "The flapping dickie", a famous Vaudeville cliche, involves a dickie which has been intentionally rigged to flap in a comical fashion.

Hard plastic dickies have long since gone out of fashion, but cloth turtleneck-style dickies are still sometimes seen.

When used by Smashwhammy, the Whammy foghorn is used.

And to think they still make these.