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DualScreen77's Logo

In brief[edit]

DualScreen77 is also known as Dual-Screen. He likes to make YouTube Poops that satisfy his standards.


Discovery Of YouTube Poop[edit]

DualScreen77 first discovered YouTube Poop one late summer day while he was randomly browsing funny videos on YouTube. He was watching "Unnecessary Censorhip" videos and eventually found a video called "Youtube Poop - Unnecessary Censorship". Wondering what YouTube Poop was, he decided to do a YouTube search and found a load of CD-I and Super Mario Bros Poops. He found these to be really funny and favorited them, subscribed to some poopers and eventually began talking to his friends about it at school.

Just Experimenting[edit]

Then in late December of 2007, he downloaded the CD-I clips and made a five second long clip in Windows Movie Maker where it shows King Harkinian lip-syncing some love song that was lurking on his hard drive. He did not upload this clip because it was too short and was made for experimental purposes.

His First Attempt[edit]

After this he went on to work on his first video, which was entitled "To Catch A Predator: Hyrule" which was going to be a YouTube Poop based off the show "To Catch A Predator" where the King meets and underaged girl online and proceeds to meet her in real life but instead meets Chris Hansen. This video was going to use nothing but sentence mixing and censor beeps and was not going to contain other poopisms. He would also only use the CD-I clips and several audio clips from the show "To Catch A Predator". He was almost done with it until Windows Movie Maker began to crash frequently to the point he could no longer work on it, so he then canceled the video. He tried to re-make this video in Adobe Premiere but had to stop due to the project file becoming corrupt. A friend of his in real life (Cairnage545 on YouTube) offered to finish the Windows Movie Maker version but was unable to obtain a copy of the file due to "missing resources". The project was then abandoned completely after this.

The King's Quest For Loli[edit]

Sometime during late-January, a friend of his in real life (4rAg0uT on YouTube) offered him his copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio after he had heard that Dual-Screen was interested in making YouTube Poops. Dual-Screen gladly accepted this offer and found Sony Vegas to be way easier to use than Adobe Premiere. He then began to work on his first poop entitled "The King's Quest For Loli" which was about the King and his short adventure on buying some lolicon. Not only was it his first YouTube Poop but it was the first video he made using Sony Vegas. It contained sentence mixing, stuttering and some short musical parts. He came up with the idea for this video after Cairnage545 told him what loli was and talked to him about making a YouTube Poop about loli.

Start Of Dual-Screen's YouTube Poop Career[edit]

After he completed this video, Dual-Screen he went to YouTube to upload the video, only problem was was that he did not have a YouTube account. Cairnage545 offered Dual-Screen the chance to share an account with him and upload his YouTube Poops on there. Dual-Screen refused and made his own account. Dual-Screen uploaded "The King's Quest For Loli" on February 17, 2008.

And his pooping career had begun.

Pooper's Block[edit]

After ZeroKirby made Round 6 of "Dual-Screen VS ZeroKirbyGames", it ruined the tennis match due to it's irrelevance to the previous. Dual-Screen's dissatisfaction caused him to experiance a Pooper's Block, or a "Writers' Block" for YouTube Poopers. He had started several unfinished projects when trying to overcome the block. But his release of his fad response video "LuckyStarHentai.mkv" finally got him to overcome the block.

dAavtwiWN_E|250}} DualScreen77's first Youtube Poop.

First poop seen[edit]

Youtube Poop - Unnecessary Censorship

First poop made[edit]

The King's Quest For Loli

DualScreen77's Videos[edit]

YouTube Poops[edit]

TheKing's Quest For Loli[edit]

The King's Quest For Loli

This is Dual-Screen's first YouTube Poop that he uploaded. It is also his most viewed YouTube Poop. It is a short Cd-I poop that is about the King trying to obtain some lolicon. The most famous part from this video the part when Goronu lip-synced the opening verse from the "Numa Numa" song. It consisted of sentence mixing, censor beeps, stuttering and musical scenes. It was met with much criticism because it used the Cd-i clips and had extensive musical scenes. Despite this several people thought it was good for a first video and that Dual-Screen had potential.

Mr. Kimura Is On Green M&Ms[edit]

Mr. Kimura Is On Green M&Ms

In this video Dual-Screen pooped his favorite anime, Azumanga Daioh. It was mainly made for an AMV contest at his school but contained elements that made it a YouTube Poop. This video won the AMV contest at his school and was one point short of being a perfect AMV. It mostly consisted of musical segments and lip-syncing but had sentence mixing as well as stuttering. This is Dual-Screen's most favorited video. Dual-Screen has recieved many PMs requesting that he should make a second Azumanga Daioh Poop.

Sousuke Is Not Amused[edit]

Sousuke Is Not Amused

After the sucess of Mr. Kimura Is On Green M&Ms, Dual-Screen decided to make another anime poop. He decided to use the anime Full Metal Panic Fummoffu because there were no Full Metal Panic poops, unless you counted this one video that uses it for twelve seconds. He used sentence mixng, stuttering and lip-syncing. The Poop itself was slow paced and somewhat dull. Dual-Screen considers this to be his worst video despite the fact that a fair amount of his subscribers like it.

J. Jona's Dream Comes True[edit]

J. Jona's Dream Comes True

Dual-Screen decided to do a live action poop. So he decided to make one on Spider-Man 3. He did not poop the entire movie but just a few of it's scenes. He placed these "pooped" scenes in order that they occur in the movie. The only problem Dual-Screen had with it was that for it being a Spider-Man poop, there wasn't enough Spiderman in it.

A DeLorean Made Out Of A DeLorean?[edit]

A DeLorean Made Out Of A DeLorean?

Dual-Screen had decided to do another live-action poop, this time he pooped another favorite movie of his, Back to the Future. This is considered to be Dual-Screen's funniest YouTube Poop to date. He had planned on doing a Back To The Future poop ever since he made "The King's Quest For Loli", he just saved pushed it back to beeing his fifth video because he had a feeling it was going to do well, which it did. Dual-Screen did the same thing that he did with his Spider-Man video and pooped select scenes from the movie and placed them in chronological order. Dual-Screen knew the movie so well that he was able to do excellent (and convincing) sentence mixing. The video was widely praised because of it's sentence mixing and the part where Dual-Screen made Marty McFly lip-sync the Oingo Boingo song "Little Girls". It is Dual-Screen's top rated video as well as many of his fans' favorite.

Gaston Has Father Issues[edit]

Gaston Has Father Issues

Dual-Screen had recently gotten into the famous forced fad Gaston around when this was made. And he took his obsession to the next level by downloading the famous "Gaston Song" scene and editing it in Vegas promptly. He worked on it on and off over the course of three weeks. Then he finally uploaded it. It contains loads of sentence mixing as well as Dual-Screen's first successful ear rape and mind rape sequences. It was well recieved and it even made the #1 spot in KevinTAckerman's Top 10 Countdown.

The King's Quest For Loli (Redo)[edit]

The King's Quest For Loli (Redo)

Dual-Screen had decided to celebrate his one year YTP anniversary by remaking his first video, the King's Quest For Loli. This video follows the same storyline as the original, but it contained notifiable differences like better sentence mixing, ear rape and mind rape sequences. This video was met with positive comments. This video took the #1 spot in KevinTAckerman's Top 10 countdown. This is Dual-Screen's second consecutive #1 spot winning in a countdown.

Tsukasa Takes One For The Team[edit]

Tsukasa Takes One For The Team

After receiving several requests for a Lucky Star YouTube Poop, Dual-Screen finally made one. He also made it for his school's AMV contest, in which it came in third place. Dual-Screen had a lot of trouble making this one. This video is also heavily inspired by MasterGwonam's video, Gwonam Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice.

J Dizzle Finds Out That Michael Jackson Died[edit]

J Dizzle Finds Out That Michael Jackson Died

Dual-Screen's second YouTube Poop based on the video interviews of J-Dizzle, a wannabee rapper that attends the same school as Dual-Screen. Dual-Screen came up with the idea for this video when he and BillyMorshu were talking about Michael Jackson's death over Skype. He then remembered how J-Dizzle liked Michael Jackson so he knew this video would be great.

Little Slugger Traumatizes Ikari[edit]

Little Slugger Traumatizes Ikari

This video was actually an old unfinished Paranoia Agent YouTube Poop that Dual-Screen had on his computer for a while. So after going through his YouTube Poop folders, he found the file and watched it several times. He liked what he saw but wanted to make some changes to it before uploading. So he kept most of the video the way it was, but he added new segments and threw in some ear rape at the end.

YouTube Poop Tennis[edit]

Dual-Screen VS ZeroKirbyGames[edit]

Dual-Screen VS ZeroKirby (Playlist of entire match)

A six round YouTube Poop Tennis match played with ZeroKirbyGames, who is a friend of his in real life.

Dual-Screen VS BillyMorshu[edit]

Dual-Screen VS BillyMorshu (Playlist of entire match)

After his good friend got into making YouTube Poops, they both took part in a six round tennis match.

Collaborations And Entries[edit]

Guitar Hero On Tour Is Not Worth $50[edit]

Guitar Hero On Tour Is Not Worth $50

An entry for RealGenericFilm's Low Subscriber Collab. Dual-Screen needed help overcome his pooper's block, so he joined the collab to get the flow going again. This video uses the annoying Guitar Hero On Tour commercial. It contain's the usual sentence mixing and stuttering and looping found in Dual-Screen's poops. Although the collab was never uploaded, Dual-Screen's entry tied with Insanimania's entry in a poll.

Billy Mays Big Piece Of Shit Slider Station[edit]

Billy Mays Big Piece Of Shit Slider Station

Dual-Screen saw Captpan6's "Sentence Mixing" collab under the "Collaboration" section on the forum, and due to his high interest in sentence mixing, he joined promptly. But his procrastination kicked in and he didn't have anything done. But on the night before entries were due, Dual-Screen opened up Vegas not knowing what to do. After downloading a Billy Mays commercial, he watched several times and the ideas came pouring out. He then produced the "reason why the Sentence Mixing Collab succeeded" (as said by quax94). Dual-Screen used the "Big City Slider Station" commercial and sentenced mixed it into an ad for a very vulgar product. Despite being a collab entry, it became his most viewed video. This is most likely due to it being about Billy Mays.

The Anime Collab[edit]

Part 1 Part 2

After taking part in two YouTube Collabs, Dual-Screen decided to host his own. He wanted to do a collab on Anime, since a lot of people on YouChew liked to make Anime YouTube Poops. The collab featured eighteen YouTube Poops made by several people with different styles. The collab is fifteen minutes long and had to be split into two parts.

Deleted/Canceled YouTube Poops[edit]

Jacob Loves Michael Jackson[edit]

Video deleted off of YouTube.

A short video Dual-Screen made due to pure boredom. He found a video interview of J-Dizzle, who was a white kid at his school who thought he could rap and dance. He downloaded the video and made a poop out of it for his own amusement. He then sent it to kenax666 (YouTube account of a friend in real life). Kenax666 then told him that he should put it on YouTube so then Dual-Screen did. He purposely did not put "YouTube Poop" in the title or the tags so it wouldn't receive as much attention. Dual-Screen did not count this video as a poop. A few months later after the video's release, Dual-Screen received a complaint from J-Dizzle asking him to take the video down, or he would report his other videos. So Dual-Screen did not want to risk losing his other videos so he deleted the video as requested. Dual-Screen will however e-mail you this video if you ask him though.

Ikki Buys A Contraceptive[edit]

A never completed Medabots YouTube Poop that Dual-Screen was working on recently. Dual-Screen completed the first thirty seconds of this and felt that it was too dull so he abandoned. Dual-Screen may come back to this later though.

The King Fails At RockBand[edit]

A never completed CD-I YouTube Poop that was supposed to come out after The King's Quest For Loli. This poop would have been animated in Microsof PowerPoint and would have been enhanced in Sony Vegas, creating the first "PowerPoint Poop". The idea came up while Dual-Screen and Cairnage545 were talking about RockBand. The plot was that Link was bored and the King goes to buy a game to entertain him. The King then goes to the shopkeeper and buys RockBand and returns to Hyrule to play with Link, Gwonam and Ganon. They all play one song which the King fails on and hell breaks loose. It was canceled because Dual-Screen was flamed before for using CD-I and did not want to relive that.

First Five Minutes of Twilight OMG!!!![edit]

Dual-Screen's first trap video. It was uploaded on the night when Twiligt would premiere in theaters. It was deleted before Dual-Screen got up the next morning, so he couldn't see if it was successful or not.

Future Projects[edit]

Dual-Screen plans to use the following sources for future videos. These include Lucky Star, Wall-E, Back To The Future II and Medabots. He also plans on hosting "The Anime Collab 2" sometime due to several messages that he has received on YouTube.


Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Sentence Mixing
  • Stuttering
  • Ear Rape
  • Lip-Sycning

Prefered Tech[edit]

  • Sony Vegas
  • Microsoft PowerPoint


  • Bad Sentence Mixing
  • YTPMV segments in YouTube Poops that are too long
  • Long unedited parts



  • Was flamed for using Cd-i in his first Poop because of the war on aids.
  • Received complaints from a wangsta kid at his school after he had made a YouTube Poop of one of his interviews.


  • Created the one of the more well-known Back to the Future poops.
  • Created the first Full Metal Panic Poop.
  • Gaston Has Father Issues placed #1 in KevinTAckerman's January 2009 Top 10
  • The King's Quest For Loli (Redo) placed #1 in KevinTAckerman's February 2009 Top 10
  • Tsukasa Takes One For The Team placed #5 in RetardedAnimeParodyX's Top 10 Super Sexy Scenes (April 2009)


In Real Life[edit]

All names listed are YouTube accounts:



Other Information[edit]

  • Begins every YouTube Poop video makes with a seven-second long intro sequence that shows his logo, but abandoned this opener.
  • Is suspected of having an obsession with Osaka. His avatar and posts about her are the only evidence to confirm this.