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LaVie CestLol

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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LaVie CestLol is a former Café staff member for YouChew. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.

In Brief[edit]

LaVie CestLol (Life, it's lol in French, pronounced lavi selɔl), also known as SuperWoodBoy, J, Jean, LaVie, or the French Anthony Fantano, is a Youtube Pooper who began doing his schtick in February 2014. Some of them are in French. Others have no dialog. Some of them are funny. Most of them aren't.


LaVie CestLol began to watch typically French sentence-mixing-heavy YTPs around 2009, mostly for the laughs. He then stopped watching YTPs regularly for a while, until 2013, when he saw JeFaisChierLesGens and Manfob22's YTP Tennis Match. He then realized that YTP can be a whole lot more than just funny harmless videos, but can also reveal something that has more meaning to it.

He then began to take interest in YTP in a whole new level, especially after meeting the pooper Pipoupipoulol in real life in the end of 2013. After discovering videos of the likes of Sid1325, laromande, and then CorruptionSound, MycroProcessor or GameBop, he decided to jump out and began to make YTP as well. His first YTP was published on February the 2nd, 2014. If at first, they were mostly for laughs, he took quickly interest in more abstract, humorless styles, eventually mixing tones to create some meaning around it.

Doing his videos, he met the glorious people behind the videos he watched at that time (Kontchalowski, laromande, Sid, LotusEaterMachine, and many more), and, willing to meet even more poop creators, signed up to YouChew on April the 21st, 2014, following laromande's advice, who told him to go there to inform people about the first YTP Collab he was hosting : the MUSICOLLAB (which was a successful idea).

Beginning tennis matches under laromande's wing with the IRL TENNIS (his best memory as a pooper, but also as a videomaker, which consists of only using 100% original material from both tenissers), he now moves around matches of different sorts, styles and themes ; some more abstract and serious, some more for the laughs or for the fun of it. He also participates in various collabs and things, always looking for new experiences and people to work with. He's also planning to direct a documentary around Youtube Poop and its creators, to emphasize the more artistic and human aspect of it, since he hates to see YTP in general just be reduced to some kind of mindless internet meme.

He also won the Multi-Way Tournament, after being one of the few replacements which occured on set 4, making him to have a sort-of reputation among the tennis community, kind of, i don't know. He recieved praise from different people in different ways, though his style has sometimes been seen as repetitive and predictable (he has a few "tricks" people can get bored with). Tennissing is now his main activity as a YTPer, as well as a series called Interludes that are more introspective, musical stuff he does at different points of his life. He's now trying to vary the style of his tennis matches, between joke-based matches, abstract technicity and more personal experiences (the thing he likes the most). And if it's possible to mix everything, then it's even better. Apparently, he's also trying his hand at YTPMVs, incorporating them in his rounds or doing one-off videos.


  • Glitch/Databending stuff
  • Abstract stuff
  • Psychedelic stuff
  • Slow stuff
  • Neurasthenic stuff
  • Erratic stuff
  • Depressing stuff
  • Chaotic stuff
  • Ambient Erosion-y stuff
  • Surrealistic stuff
  • Meta stuff
  • Stuff stuff

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Personal Footage
  • Music Videos
  • Anime (Nichijou in particular)
  • Music Performances
  • Noise
  • Purely random stuff


Poopers and MVers he likes[edit]

Entourage (a.k.a. people he likes to talk to on a sort-of regular basis)[edit]

  • Ninero(e)
  • Tartiflette
  • BedoPear
  • Bydl0
  • dew


Feel free to add yourself here if you like LaVie's Stuff.

General Likes[edit]

  • Stroboscopes
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Video Art in general
  • People who are genuinely nice (and he met a lot of these when he began YTP)
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • Talking with his fellow friends on Skype/Discord/Whatsapp/Whatever
  • Weird experiences
  • Noise
  • Slice of life animes
  • Nano Shinonome and Suika Ibuki
  • Going on long trips by car

General Dislikes[edit]

  • Doubt
  • Suffering of his friends
  • Misunderstandings
  • The general mindset of France these days, as in : you have to be a violent moronic yeller to have some kind of credibility, and if you try to think and to take things calmly, you're a sheep.
  • Making fun of and discretiding one person just for the hell of it and then saying that this person has "no sense of humor" for being hurt by said mockery.



His YTP Channel