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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

An aussie pooper who enjoys ytp tennis and networking.


3 Years of Hard Work I sat there at my computer screen, pondering what to do. I had been betrayed by a friend I had long trusted. I just stared at the title; Minecraft Griefing: Help Wanted. My friend recently achieved the highest rank of moderation on the wonderful, well populated minecraft server I commonly used. This video however claimed it to be for destroying all the creations on the server. I soon emailed a server founder with my suspicions and concerns We discussed awhile about the horrific situation. The two of us decided I would go incognito under a Youtube account to infiltrate the operation.

We all found out a week later that the operator was being framed. However, despite this situation, I won the lottery; I now had a Youtube account. My first video was a simple stick figure animation. No audio, basic animation. I then uploaded some text videos about my supernatural experiences. Then I came across a ‘little’ community known as “Youtube Poop”. A long time before I started making videos I watched YTPs (Youtube Poops) however I never knew how to make them. So I looked online and I found a great tutorial.

In my case I started with a video called Julian Smith Dies which was a video based used “Kidnapped” by Julian Smith. In my video, Julian Smith is kidnapped, messes around and gets shot by the hostage taker. It was an okay start for a YTP, but bland.

Over the months I refined my style and joined the YTP forum I became bored with it and left. However, the software trial ended much to my disappointment and I stopped making videos. Months flew by but at Christmas my parents bought me the software. I was overjoyed. I then produced videos again. I created a mediocre video but immediately after I made a masterpiece: Taylor Swift Neighs. I uploaded very rarely. One day when I was looking through the recently uploaded YTPs. I discovered a person formerly known as “MidgeMakesPoops” (Also Known as Skittle Jesus). I gave them feedback on a mediocre video and we became great friends.

As time passed Midge returned to me for further feedback but sadly, we soon parted ways. I made another masterpiece called He-man’s Drug Problems which had nothing to do with drugs besides one insignificant joke. Then the first assignments came. I then found a sub-genre known as ‘YTP Tennis’ I felt much joy joining tennis matches. I participated in many until September

Assignments arose in the stressful month of September. I had to quit many tennis matches and stop projects because I had to make time for assignments. I lost subscribers. I started to become stressed and depressed but before I knew it, I had completed my work and could return to making videos. I had come out of the experience a better video maker.

I worked very hard for a long time until I reached the mighty 100 subscriber mark. I was amazed. I made a video to celebrate. I eventually met Midge once more and we became good friends once more. He had dramatically improved into one of the greatest youtube poopers. I learnt from this experience that the only thing that matters is hard, persistent work. I am glad this happened as it taught me to work hard. (My assignment on my history of youtube pooping)

First poop seen[edit] youtube poop:BURPLE NURPLES!!!

First poop made[edit]

Julian Smith Dies


Changes depending on source, usually fast paced.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Music Videos Mr Bean Sun Mum Marvel Movie Trailers

Preferred Methods[edit]

Stutter Loops Masking Sentence Mixing Zoom

TRONNING (Using large amounts of pixelation and sharpening a lot. Usually with a colourful effect.)

Preferred Software[edit]

Sony Vegas Pro 13


Ice Cream Jokes Doctor Who Sherlock




Too many Stutter Loops Used to add sources in ytp tennis and hardly edit the volleys (I still add sources but I do edit a lot more)


Almost 200 subscribers First Viewer and mentor of Skittle Jesus


Skittle Jesus Stephentendo DiscoGlacier

In Real Life[edit]

Hafleurflafleur (My friend Kristof) Joshua



Imaperson MasterOfZoroArk MobrosStudios


My Best Poops[edit]

He-man's Drug Problems Taylor Swift Neighs Don't Say Hail Satan at Christmas Julian Smith Dies (1, 2, 3 and Remake) Mr Bean Summer Sentinel Scatman's Multi Source YTP

Other Information[edit]


Has a lame claim to fame.


Other Links[edit] Skype: Cyberplayer1337 (Lorde of Darkness) Steam: Medisr (You're a Mean One Mister Grince (Currently)