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Dr. Rabbit

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Name: Dr. Rabbit
Sex: Male
Age: 41
Occupation(s): Dentist/Nazi
Played By: Marty Nelson/Larry Whitaker

Doctor Rabbit is a racist rabbit dentist who travels the world in his hot air balloon and/or rocket to different locations, where he teaches children about proper tooth-brushing techniques and regular dentist-shagging. He claims to be the world's only rabbit dentist and plaque monster. He also likes to put his cum into the mouths of his child followers, often by mixing it with their smoothie (he learned this technique from Ken Masters). Dr. Rabbit has traveled to many places, but he is commonly found in Africa, where he joins the locals in song and dance.


Early Life[edit]

Dr. Rabbit was born as Dominic Shagell Rabbit on March 15th, 1969 in the town of Cedeih, Texas, a small, poor town that was too small to be on a map. At the age of one-and-a-half, he read the book Death of an Asian 34 times in a row. The book had 890 pages in it and he was hailed as the Inspiration of Reading Idol of 1971. On September 23, 1972, black monsters robbed his house and stole his family's radio, TV, and dinner.

Real Life[edit]

Dr. Rabbit was hired by Colgate in 1994 to help teach children about how to properly take care of their teeth, sometimes rescuing them from plaque monsters. Colgate has hired other mascots as well, but Dr. Rabbit is by far the most famous. In 1998, he returned in a video known as Dr. Rabbit's World Tour. The purpose of this video is to "teach children all around the world on how to properly take care of their teeth and have bright healthy smiles!" Dr. Rabbit goes to Europe (Spain) to teach Carmen about Sugars and Starches. In Africa, he teaches Tandi on how to brush twice a day. "Brush in the morning and brush at night!" In Asia (China), he teaches Shao a connection about how the Great Wall protecting China is like fluoride toothpaste protecting the teeth from the "plaque attack!" In Australia, he teaches Olivia about flossing between the teeth. In North America, he teaches Michael about the two layers of human teeth and about plastic coating. In South America, he teaches Alexandro about tooth protection gear, and that ends his World Tour. In 2004, he starred in a new cartoon called "Dr. Rabbit and the Legend of the Tooth Kingdom". Dr. Rabbit plays in a more serious role along with his assistant, Dr. Brushwell, a tan rabbit who also helps children about how to brush their teeth. Dr. Brushwell picks up the old book about the Tooth Kingdom, where the teeth people are being attacked by plaque soldiers, and it's up to them to save the kingdom. After they saved the kingdom, they returned to the dental office and explained that there will always be a fight after eating food. War: you gotta love it. In 2013, Dr. Rabbit volunteered as a guinea pig for an experimental super serum, which succeeded in granting him and Dr. Brushwell, in addition to a group of five children, superpowers but had the unintended side effect of making them shrink to microscopic size. Being presumed dead by the scientists who invented the super serum, all future tests were cancelled. However, in reality, Dr. Rabbit was still alive. Shortly after the experiment, he found himself inside the mouth of a kid who was scheduled to be a test subject before the cancellation of the tests. There, he fights Placulus, they general of the Plaque Monster army alongside the child test subjects, as the Tooth Defenders.

Poop Life[edit]

Dr. Rabbit's first appearance was in the nickshorts poop "Dr Rabbit's Early Brushing Obsession", in which he shared his dirty toothbrush with a retarded hippo, and then proceeded to sing an annoying song about brushing in the morning, denying the poor children and animals a break as "THEY ARE NOT DONE"! He continued to sing the song until he exploded to death.

Doctor Rabbit came back to life as a zombie, and said that only fluoride can protect the childrens' asses from the evil Dr. Rabbit (though not like how a sarcophagus protects a mummy), but also advised them that shagging their dentist regularly can also save the hard-to-reach places between their asses. Doctor Rabbit then proceeded to bomb the hell out of some Peruvian soccer player, killing himself in the process.

Doctor Rabbit once again came back to life (under the pseudonym of Doctor Ass) to floss some Australian lady's ass, but not before showing some black kid a stupid video and reaching into his bag again. He then went somewhere on Chocobo-back and watched as a bunch of plaque monsters attack the White House. In desperation, Dr. Rabbit used his finishing technique, where he spontaneously exploded into ashes, burning the plaque monsters and dragging them to hell with him.

Doctor Rabbit reincarnated himself in Spain as a Plaque Monster, traumatizing Carmen. After once again cumming into the retarded hippo's mouth, Doctor Rabbit lead a mass cumming and smoking orgy in Africa, after which he exploded the place with his annoying voice, proclaiming himself as the world's only asshole. Fleeing from the devastated Africa on hot air balloon, Doctor Rabbit went undercover as Doctor Spaghetti, the world's only instruction book. As Doctor Spaghetti, he would embark on a new tour, in which he would teach children all around the world how to properly find the computer room. However, upon reaching Spain, his hot air balloon exploded. Having failed his mission, Doctor Rabbit decided to cum on some black kid's permanent molars. His jizz, being much more powerful than anybody else's, hardened almost instantly, scarring the black kid for life. Doctor Rabbit then embarked on "Doctor Rabbit's Bright Cum World Tour" as the world's only rabbit prostitute, going to Spain and remaining there for three weeks, using a Holiday Inn as his base of operations. It is unknown how the rest of this tour went out.

From 1996 to 1998, Doctor Rabbit ran a Dentist Office in the Coney Island Disco Palace where he allegedly assaulted children with toothbrushes, among other things. Doctor Rabbit was later found innocent in court and afterward left the country. Doctor Rabbit is still currently serving a 10-year probation. It is to be noted he has a strong dislike for African-American people.

Recently, Doctor Rabbit has been spotted in Tooth Kingdom with his new female assistant, Doctor Brushwell, who's actually a transsexual. Video footage on both facts is very rare.

He recently went on a drinking binge and claimed he would bomb South America, however, he was so drunk he bombed Africa instead. He considers this "mistake" to be a strategic advantage.


Legal Issues[edit]

Doctor Rabbit is being charged for eating Carmen's parents. He is also being sued for over $13,000 by some random metalhead for breaking his video camera.

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A hippo tried to rip off Dr. Rabbit once. He, of course, failed.

He was also a drug dealer in the late 80's and may still have thousands of grams of cocaine hidden somewhere. Police are currently looking into this investigation.

Colgate wants him executed, and therefore YouTube Poopers and YouTube Poop fans are now protesting against Colgate for removing Dr. Rabbit videos by boycotting. Then they stopped caring and Dr. Rabbit held a rave party in celebration.

Presidential Run[edit]

On December 2007, Doctor Rabbit announced his intentions to run against Robotnik for the 2008 YouTube presidency. He did not get as many votes due to him being more evil than Robotnik. He currently denies any plans to run again for 2010, but rumors say he endorses Lex Luthor's presidential run.

Great Dr. Rabbit Massacre[edit]

In early 2008, the Colgate-Palmolive company went on a rampage and removed almost every singe trace of Dr. Rabbit from Youtube. All classic poops, including the ones linked to on this page, have been removed from Youtube.

At the news of his imminent execution, Dr. Rabbit fled to the Youtube underground and continued operating his dental practice under the alias "Anthropomorphic Surgeon".

In March 2008, Dr. Rabbit returned in a poop falsely labeled "Mama Luigi Visits a Soapland". He once again dies in the end due to a rocket explosion, but soon returns in "Mama Luigi Misinterprets the Koran". Then Colgate became smart and executed them.

A New Vision of Touring[edit]

In 2008, Dr. Rabbit was introduced in a commercial outside of the United States. He took two kids from some country underwater. Using his own submarine, he took them on a wild ride where the urchins laid. Days later, news arrived that he engaged in improper conduct with the children. The rabbit is currently facing fines way up to $100. Luckily, Colgate has his ass on his side. They won and as a result, he'd have a new special video involving him.


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A regular checkup with Dr. Rabbit and you too can have a bright healthy smile.
Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Hello there! I am Doctor Rabbit, the world's only rabbit dentist. I am about to embark on a most thrilling adventure: Doctor Rabbit's Bright Smiles World Tour! I am going to teach children all around the world how to properly take care of their teeth and have bright, healthy smiles. Cum along if you'd like! It's sure to be the adventure of a tooth tiiime!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Hola, Carmen! Good to see you again, my friend!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

I see you're enjoying those chips, but you are not doing your teeth any favors.

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit


Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

You need to limit the times you eat sugars and starches each day.

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Starches are foods like mmmmm... crackers and potato chips. They stick to your teeth and make PLAQUE MONSTERS grow.

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Plaque monsters are the bad guys in your mouth that can cause cavities when they meet up with sugars and starches. They release ASSid that can help weaken your teeth and cause tooth decay. And you get this plaque attack every time you eat! Now, let's have a look!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Not if you limit sugars and starches and take proper care of your teeth. Why don't you cum along with me on my Bright Smiles World Tour and learn more?

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Next stop: AFRICAAAAA!!!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Suck-a-pony, Tandi! This is my friend Carmen. We're on a Bright Smiles World Tour!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

THAT'S WHY I'M HEAR! One of the most important you can do to keep yourself a very bright smile is to brush your teeth thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day, especially after eating breakfast and before bedtime. Now, get your toothbrushes ready, everyone!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Oh oh oh, NO NO NO NO! No. This brush won't do! You have to replace your toothbrush whenever the bristles get SHAGgy and worn, or it may hurt your gums!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

OH NO!!! You should never share your toothbrush! It's yours and yours alone! Here's a new one for you.

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit


Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit


Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit


Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Australia, here we CUUUM!!!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

I am Doctor Rabbit, and I am about to bark. (Long Pause) Bark! Bark!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit


Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

But master, those fools enjoyed sugars and starches.

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

I do not remember that part.

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Negro bullshit, this is my friend Carmen

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

And you get this, every time you shag a Cracker!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Welcome to hell, I want to show you my butt!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

I am a doctor.

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

That's bullshit and you know it!

Dr. Rabbit Dr. Rabbit

Oh no, this is terrible! YOU HAVE ASS-BURGERS!