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Name: Carmen
Appears In: Dr. Rabbit's World Tour
Sex: Female
Age: 8
Nationality: Spanish

Carmen is a girl from Spain and a good friend of Dr. Rabbit's who enjoys eating chips and snacks much to the King of Hyrule's dismay. Carmen is known to own a red bicycle. Her parents were eaten by Dr. Rabbit.


Carmen is believed to have been raped and shagged by Dr. Rabbit while riding Carmen's bike.

Furthermore, her boyfriend, Don Flamenco, is much older than her, and he has been arrested, and is now a registered pedophile.


Around some time in the middle of April, Carmen tried on one of Edd's inventions, The Super-Jumpin-Boots. When she tried them on, she jumped over two-thousand feet from the air and fell. She then had leg injuries, many broken bones, hair loss, and lost her left arm. She then fell into a coma. It is predicted that she will recover in three months.

She was killed by God Rabbit, but thankfully Don Flamenco's tears on his red rose brought her back to life and she's currently in a healthy position.