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Name: Shao
Appears In: Dr. Rabbit's World Tour
Sex: Male
Age: 7 or 8
Nationality: Chinese

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Shao should have gotten out while there was still time.

Shao (邵) is a young, stereotypical Chinese boy who was visited by Dr. Rabbit on the Bright Smiles World Tour. It is unclear about where exactly he comes from or where his family is, or even if they're still alive. (Most likely Dr. Rabbit kidnapped or killed them.) He seems to know a bit about Chinese history, though he gets confused when Rabbit compares it to dental care.

Shao spends most of his time hanging out with his panda friend on the Great Wall of China, saying "Ni hao!" to everyone who passes. No one knows why he's there, but he claims it's for protection. After all, it's protected the Chinese people for thousands of years. However, it didn't protect him against a rabbit riding a giraffe.

Because he agrees with most of what Dr. Rabbit says (by saying "yes"), he was subject to the least sexual abuse of all the children, but that was until he said "no" and this[1] happened.


  • His best friend is a giant panda named Shou.
  • Like the other kids, he has died multiple times, usually at the hands of Dr. Rabbit.
  • On one occasion, Shao tried to kill God Rabbit by shooting a laser at him. This was because God Rabbit killed the panda, reducing Shao to tears. However, the laser ended up killing Shao himself.