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Triple sSs

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
User.jpg  This article is about Triple sSs, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.

In brief[edit]

Formerly known as SkyGuy16 on Youtube.


Discovered Youtube Poop in September 2007, then made his first poop in October and also joined the YouChewPoop forums later that month on Halloween.

First poop seen[edit]

Mama Bear is Pissed by Encore Enterprises LLC

First poop made[edit]

Arthur Poop: DW Won't Shut Up! (Although he considers his first "real" poop to be Little Critter's Odd Fishing Trip, Part 1)

{{#ev:youtube|WE_rheRTKWQ|320}}SkyGuy16's first Youtube Poop


Originally had a somewhat simple style in 2007-2008 with your usual studders, effects, and a bit of ear rape, but was then interested in a more Stegblob-esque one from 2009 up until 2010. Now he doesn't really care anymore about any particular "style" and just does whatever the heck he wants.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Old computer games/programs (Especially kids games, like the Living books series)
    • Stay Tooned!, which is the source of SkyGuy's running joke with Ben
    • FMV games, like "Critical Path"
  • Arthur TV show, and sometimes other kids shows
  • Little Critter show special, "Just Me and My Dad"
  • Whatever else that seems good to poop

Preferred Methods[edit]

Everything Imaperson doesn't do, for the most part. (See Dislikes)

Preferred Tech[edit]

Vegas Pro 14 (as of 2018)


  • Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Old, old-styled, and simple poops that focus on editing
  • Poops that try out new and different things
  • "Effects poops" like the ones made by GameBop And MycroProcessor
  • Movies
  • Computers
  • Electronic & sample-based music
  • Robots and other sci-fi stuff
  • Did I mention MST3K?
    • Also, Crow is his husbando.


  • Triple_sSs considers himself something of a poop "purist", and dislikes many poopisms which are popular in today's poops such as Scrambling, Sus, super-fast pacing, heavy use of Masking, constant Ear Rape, ironic text, red-tinted picture-shaking, and whatever else the kids like these days. Of course there's always exceptions for him, but Triple generally prefers to stay in 2008 when it comes to his poops.
  • My Little Pony. 'Nuff said.


Has had very good, positive reception. Even Conrad Slater had said he liked the originality of his work during his rein.


  • Can be a bit shy and slow when it comes to YTP Tennis, therefore he seldomly plays it.
  • Is very picky about what kinds of poops he likes these days.


  • Was one of the first to make poops of Arthur and popularize it as a YTP source.
  • Also partially responsible for popularizing Whinefeld.
  • MeiAIDS was one of his very first subscribers.
  • Had poops selected for Conrad's top 10 poops of December 2007, February and April 2008.
  • Arguably made the first Sims 2 poop. (The first good one, at least.)
  • Uploaded his first "official" YTPMV, Big Beat Mario, on December 7th 2009, which received high acclaim and popularity from the YTP community upon release, being considered one of the finest YTPMVs of 2009 and is still regarded as one of Triple's best works.


  • Has a crap-ton of subscribers up in the thousands, because a lot of people really like his videos apparently.


In Real Life[edit]




Other Information[edit]


  • Used to be a big Sims 2 fan when he was younger. He still likes to play Sims 4 once in a blue moon.
  • Was somewhat of an analog pooper-wannabe when first starting out.
  • Once had a friend in real life named Ben. (with no relation to that other Ben, of course)
  • Also likes to make music on his computer with Sony Acid and FL Studio.
  • Is hella gay.
  • Is also a furry now apparently


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