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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) YTPGod has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!

In brief

Also known as EatCookiez25, and currently known as The Forbidden Douchebag.


He originally started off creating the first Google Video Poop videos after getting inspiration from Ethan's "Yoshi's Sexual Adventure". He created six GVPs, three of them involved Jetsons: The Movie. He later moved onto YouTube becoming EatCookiez25 successfully testing pooping in iMovie HD. The EatCookiez25 account was also held by his younger sister however. After nine videos he would shortly abandon pooping on that account, and his sister would eventually cause the termination of that account with her "Ginda Densetsu Weed" videos. The YTPGod account was created in September of 2007 and had made over 150 videos until his account was terminated in July of 2008. He quickly made a third account, ForbiddenDouchebag, and returned most of his poops and various videos he saved from YTPGod, while a majority of the rest were deleted and lost forever. Now calling himself "The Forbidden Douchebag", he began doing videos in "vaguely" higher-quality and later in anamorphic widescreen. In May 2010, his ForbiddenDouchebag account was mysteriously hacked, and a large portion of his videos were deleted. He has since reuploaded some of his other poops and videos. Since the incident, The Forbidden Douchebag slowly stopped producing YouTubePoops and decided to focus on his drawing abilities. He has kept the account active by uploading videos he made before his poops.

First poop seen

"Yoshi's Sexual Adventure XXX" by Ethan

First poop made

  • Google Video Poop: Teddy 2 and Ruby 2's Amazing Detective Adventure
  • YouTube Poop: Super Happy Fun Halloween Adventure Poop!

Poop listing

Google Video Poop (May - July 2007)

  1. Teddy 2 and Ruby 2's Amazing Detective Adventure (The first poop by YTPGod)
  2. The Flashback... Animated by Korean Animators
  3. I'd Say He's Hot on Our Tail 2
  4. The Glitching of the Jetsoning
  5. Littlefoot and Friends Want Rocks for Lunch: The Musical
  6. Simpsons Triple Feature

YouTubePoop (September 2007 - 2010)

EatCookiez25 (August - September 2007)

  1. Super Happy Fun Halloween Adventure Poop (First ever poop by YTPGod to be posted on YouTube)
  2. Battlefield Dirt
  3. RoarAAAUGHeahinSchojojojo!
  4. Adventures in Mojositting
  5. Bugs Bunny's Birthday YouTube Poop
  6. Rock-Da-Ballzle
  7. All Dogs Go to Hell
  8. Number 1 and 2 on a Toilet's Chest
  9. The F*cked Up History of Evolution

YTPGod (September 2007 - July 2008)

  1. The Disney King
  2. Grand Duke's Lovely Cannibalism Picnic (Almost considered the best YTPGod poop that was to be submitted to the ElectricCheese "You Want "mrSimonAlt"?" 'contest')</small
  3. Scar Jerks Off to His Own Music
  4. Happytimings in the Jungle Book
  5. You're Going to the Man Village with a Headache
  6. Case...
  7. ...Closed
  8. Ash Sh*ts His Pants with Objects
  9. Treat Heiji Like a Memory Foam Mattress
  10. Speilberg Loves to Eat Bee Semen
  11. It's Like a Movie... It's a-- Movie... (The Nightmare Fueled Little Toasty)
  12. Catch the Purple Dragon and Win This (Was later inserted into "Horton Kills the Egg")
  14. All Dogs Go to Limbo
  15. Munky Familee Go Breaky-Wakey
  16. Teddy 2 and Ruby 2's Amazing Detective Adventure (Extended) (Extended compilation of the original Jetsons Google Video Poops)
  17. The Bon-Boon Mind-Fucked Me!
  18. Chewnicorn Queer-O
  19. The Christmas Spectacular (Consisted of several original poops, including "Grand Duke's Cannibalism Picnic")
  20. Thanksgiving in Wonderland
  21. Mike Judge's Early YouTubePoops
  22. Teh Something and I
  23. Who Cares for Serious Crap?
  24. Insane Motion Theatre
  25. Arthur's Missing Orgy
  26. Turd Runner
  27. Join Me Link and Together We Can Rule CoriDIE!
  28. Waaaaalllll-Eeeeeee
  29. F*cky Wants Your Soul for Lunch!
  30. Getting Raped by an Anime Chick for Dummies
  31. The Ultimate Mattress Carnage!
  32. Hudson Gets the Sewper-Aids
  33. Ren Loves Invisible Robot Meat
  36. Interplanet Janet Trades Her Vagina with Heath Ledger's Ding-Dong
  37. Tawp Gunz
  38. Ah ah ah... No?
  39. Large Pronto Pie...
  40. Sykes Improves GIR's Intelligence Beginued
  41. Sykes Improves GIR's Intelligence Continuith
  42. Sykes Improves GIR's Intelligence Finalizing
  43. Ren Loves Sniffing Dalmatian Paint
  44. I Am The Evilist!
  45. Fergy Gets Married to a Bee Hive and Gets FAWT
  46. The Draculr Rap
  47. Seizured People in a Penguin Suit
  48. Roger Rabbit vs. Original Recipe Chicken
  49. This is the story of a boy named...
  50. Horton Kills the Egg
  51. Armagedooo
  52. The Butter Mind Raping Book
  53. Geena Davis is Really A Horse with Teethophobia
  54. Snake Donates to the Swear Jar
  55. The Never Thought of Crap of Snake Donates to the Swear Jar ("Deleted" scenes from "Snake Donates to the Swear Jar")
  56. I HAWET CUM!!!
  57. ZigZag Doesn't Want to Share His Ice Cream
  58. The Cat in the Hat is a Huge Ass... Literally.
  59. Hunny Gets Addicted to Steroids

ForbiddenDouchebag (July 2008 - present)

  1. D.W. Learns the Magic of "Griffith"
  2. Triton Meets a OC'D Fish and A Cute Schoolgirl
  3. Earl becomes a homosexual after Fran explodes
  4. Tales from the Krispy Kreme
  5. Dumb Animals Eat Chocolate Meth
  6. There's No Proper Attitude in Rude Food
  7. Power to the Poop, Senator Honey (Response to NextG's "Hail to the Poop, Mr. President")
  8. Littlefoot and Friends Want Rocks for Lunch: The Musical -Restoration- (Extended restoration version of the Google Video Poop of the same name)
  9. Crocodile Cum Technique!
  10. Hugo Bans on Fun] (Collab entry for FullMetalPimpster's Disney song collaboration)
  11. Super Duper Mario Bros. Super Stuper Show
  12. I'll Say SUCKS All Night Long! (Collab entry for Kulsprutejojjo's Christmas-themed collaboration)
  13. Laffy Happy Taffy Feet
  15. Starscream is a Stupid Potato Kitten (Collab entry for Dual-Screen's anime collaboration)
  16. spuǝıɹɟ ǝq ʇsnɾ pןnoɥs ǝm ʞuıɥʇ I (Response to Whelt's ǝɹǝɥ ɯoɹɟ 11ıɥuʍop 11ɐ ǝʇınb ʇou s,ʇı)
  17. LUNCH?
  18. This Exploding Cop is Accompanied by Money
  19. This Lobster is Made Out of Spaghetti
  20. The World's Worst Dr. Seuss Special
  21. DeeDeeDee Associates in a CraaazyCat13 Cartoon
  22. Sa'luk Preforms an Off-Broadway Show
  23. Everybody Wants to Get a Piece of Jojo-Meat
  24. In League with Jones and Snowball
  25. It's Just a Bunch of Bugs (Assaurs) (The start of the "Atlantis" saga)
  26. Laidemic (Part II of the "Atlantis" saga, "Younglings")
  27. Katie Ka-Blarm (Part III of the "Atlantis" saga, "Brainstorm")
  28. Petroleum Pete is the Shit, Kids! (Part IV of the "Atlantis" saga, "Pop Tart")
  29. Zeus is Your Father, Right?
  30. Stan Smith in "That's Where Japan Goes to Play Golf!" (Part V of the "Atlantis" saga, "Hacking")
  31. ケビンスペイシーを塗りつぶします氏Spacleyで (Part VI of the "Atlantis" saga, "Macro")
  32. The GAWDDAYM Devil and Mok McRock (Part VII of the "Atlantis" saga, "Fired")

Broken Turds (March 2010 - present)

ForbiddenDouchebag (March 2010 - present)

  5. Opening to "Sing Along Songs: Failing Upwards" 1996 VHS

Tennis Matches

  1. Nessie Tries to Commit Suicide (Round 2 of a failed tennis match)
  2. Horton Enjoys Watching "Scrubs" (Round 4 of a failed tennis match)
  3. Mr. Beetle is DEFIANTLY Buying "Spore" (Round 2 of 4 of the tennis match with SkyGuy16)
  4. Mr. Busttle will loan the money to Beaster (Round 4 of 4 of the tennis match with SkyGuy16)
  5. Bearded Fatty Jiggling in a Tennis Court for Some Hot Fighter's Fun Bags (Round 2 of 6 of the tennis match with Headphones)
  6. Blubbahump (Round 4 of 6 of the tennis match with Headphones)
  7. Pulling the Strings of the Tennis Cafe Staff (Round 6 of 6 of the tennis match with Headphones)


  1. Everybody Now! (NextG)
  2. FMP'S DISNEY SONGS COLLAB (masterh61589)
  3. Dual-Screen's Anime Collab (DualScreen77)
  4. The 2008 Christmas Collab
  5. The Re-Poop Collab (Bunsbuns11)
  6. 4evermario CD-I Movie (Voice work for "Part 15: Gwonam Down?")
  7. The "Party Time" Collab (Nozdordomu / Crispy Dragons)
  8. CD-I Record-a-Poop Collab (CLIP 4) (herbert spatula)


His style used to have lots of multiple repeats and fast pacing, but now he's using those techniques less prominently and doing more of a style which analogue poopers, like NextG, might use.

However in March 2010, he started making a new brand of poops that he calls "Broken Turds", which have a more modern style than his previous work, and reminiscent of his original style.

Preferred Methods

Prefered Tech

Google Video Poop

  • Pinnacle Studio 8
  • JVC Optical 22x Camera
  • Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80

YouTube Poop / Broken Turds

  • iMovie HD
  • Canopus ADVC110
  • Toshiba Portable DVD Player
  • Sony Playstation 3





In Real Life




Other Information


  • Started editing and making videos in 2004.
  • SkyGuy16 referred his poops to be "very under-rated and under-appreciated".


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