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{{#ev:youtube|jZH3SpBujwk|320}}The common etiquette of giving oneself a promotion.

Why, Dr. Robotnik's plan to capture Tails and trick Sonic was so good, he'll have to give himself a PROMOTION!

A promotion is moving from a low position to a higher one, in work or somewhere else.

In the real world, one's boss can hand out promotions. In Youtube Poop though, only Dr. Robotnik has this power, and has, so far, given out very few promotions.

The opposite of a promotion is a demotion, which are commonly given to Coconuts, or being fired.

Joseph Stalin knows all about the powers of promotions.

Characters Who Have Been Promoted[edit]

How to Get a Promotion[edit]

  • Capturing Tails - Will just get you demoted for not catching Sonic as well.
  • Spying on Professor Von Schlemmer Will just get you demoted for not stealing his invention.
  • Say "PROMOTION", grab the word from above your head, put it on your chest, and it will materialize as a gold medal.
  • Sucking Robotnik's pingas - Ooooohhhhh, that's good.
  • Capturing Sonic - Nobody has done that yet.