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Youtube Poop Hispano

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Youtube Poop Hispano/Latino is the Spanish language adaptation of the English YTP, commonly found in Spain and Latin America. The "Pooperos" use a style slightly different than English YTP, using a few different sources and a "not too" bizarre style, concentrated in the crossovers, musical poops & sentence mixing.


YTPH started in 2008 by a group of Spanish poopers consisting of Slbysusparidas, Davuuwart, GuidoAstrokz, and Fistropoopman (most of which are retired). YTPH was invented in Spain, but Latin American pooperos are the majority.

Featured Sources[edit]

Youtube Poop Hispano covers different sources, from local TV shows and cartoons to 3D movies and anime. If you search for "Youtube Poop Hispano" the majority of the results will be these.



These kind of poops are divided in to various styles, some of which use different names than English YTP.

Videos with a high quantity of sound & colour effects, like Ear rape and Duo Chrome/Colour Curves.

As the name implies, YTPHs with sentence mixing and sex jokes, the most popular of YTPH styles.

YTPHs using old Poop (CD-i, Hotel Mario) or Poop Hispano (El Fua, Más de 8000) memes as jokes.

  • Masking Poops

The standard masking methods, such as character duplication, etc.

Videos which contain Sentence Mixing, Masking, Animated Gifs, edited Photoshop pictures, Substitution, and Complex scripts. The term "flash" does not necessarily imply what software was used.

Well-Known Poopers[edit]

A list which shows a little bit of recognized and active Pooperos (some of them are retired too):

Famous Videos[edit]

Theses are well-known videos inside the community (according to the results for "Youtube Poop Hispano" in the Spanish version of Youtube)

  • Youtube Poop Hispano: Un Show Mas"turbado"
  • YouTube Poop Hispano - Bob Esponja Nazi
  • Youtube Poop Hispano - Los Juguetes Sufren de Impotencia Sexual
  • Youtube Poop Hispano: Sexo con Helados
  • YouTube Poop Hispano: Skar participa en una batalla inter-dimensional
  • Youtube Poop Hispano - La Puta Navidad de Bob Esponja

Since 2012 the abreviation "YTPH" is more used than the complete form "Youtube Poop Hispano"

  • YTPH: Dave, Finn, Jake y 9000 años de aventura
  • YTPH la doble moral del crustáceo cagaduro
  • 6 pequeños heroes - YTPH
  • YTPH Gumball se vuelve Youtuber
  • YTPH - Yansha consigue superar a Goki
  • [YTPH] Dross Asiste a las Clases De Don Ramón
  • YTPH- Diarrea Roja Ep 2: Platano con leche


Users as sandovart and criticalshock caused a kind of "war" within the community of YTPH, mainly minor disagreements and disputes. Causing a massive withdrawal of poopers. Some others remained until 2015. Since 2013 people in social networks starts talking about the death of youtube poop Hispanio, prophecy would be fulfilled only until early 2015.



2014 was a great year for Youtube Poop Hispano since ever. many thought the YTPH recovers, but despite the effort to raise community, youtube public was no longer interested more in the YTPH. Thanks to the intervention of users as Catdanny100 and MrAlgoran in the community has been achieved YTPH perpetuate the legacy of the Youtube Poop Hispano for future generations. However, few people believe the splendor achieved between 2013 and 2014 is reached, due to the absence of veteran poopers and decay of the public, since the end of 2014.


Users of late 2014 and early 2015 began using bots to increase visits to their videos and their channel subscriptions. Following the model used by other non-poopers users. many of these users are usually very young adolencents, animated by the desire for fame on social networks like youtube. This has led to the tradition of the Hispanic poop, individualism users and a broken community. Many people believe that YTPH already exploited to their full potential in 2012 and 2014 and it would be best to keep it as a souvenir, the YTPH is already lost in time.