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Know Your Meme

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Where you can know your meme!
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Know Your Meme is a website created by the Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies in December 2008 that documents various internet memes and other internet phenomenon. It bears a slight resemblance to Wikipedia in the sense that anybody with an account can contribute meme entries, images, and comments.

History and Details[edit]

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An example on how an edited picture for a meme works on Know Your Meme.

Know Your Meme's history dates all the way back to December 2007, as "evergreen content" reports.[1] In December 2008, the official website was started up. Ever since then, they've been researching and collecting memes for their database. In their August 09, 2009 episode focusing on the popular meme Weegee, they summarized Youtube Poop as "clips of cartoons and other assorted junk strung together to form nonsensical moving images on YouTube," albeit this description may be considered to be rather specific and may only describe some Youtube Poops.