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TV Tropes

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"TV Tropes will ruin your life!" - Their slogan. We're not joking here. The saddest part is that it's true.
"People slap together video footage and sounds (usually taken from their favorite bad TV shows) seemingly at random to get something stupid, offensive, or both. Hilarity ensues, hopefully." - What's said of YouTube Poop on their "Better Than It Sounds" Web Original page.

Their official logo.

   TV Tropes is an online wiki that explains lots and lots of things about "tropes" - basically similar to Poopisms - in various media. They explain anything; by that, we mean everything from cartoons to comic books; anime to webcomics; fan fiction to music; video games to literature; and even films to YouTube Poops. Just about anything that you could think of, TV Tropes will most likely have covered it. You want to know how crazy the entries to some things are? It's so crazy that they actually made a couple of haikus for YouTube Poops (Even though they consist of exactly what people consider YouTube Poop to not be). Yes, we're speaking the truth here. Anyways, they also tell about tropes that have been as old as time itself.

The old TV Tropes logo, before the admins pulled a Lampshade Hanging.


They started back in 2003 as some website that focused on everything about Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. They soon discovered that tropes transcend all kinds of media, they then decided to focus on a few other things about what they did; and before long, it became what the website is today.


  • They also have light (Sugar Wiki) and dark (Darth Wiki) pages on TV Tropes. Light pages are pink-colored (why pink, we'll never know), which focus about all the awesome things that have been around in our society. Dark pages are black-colored (for obvious reasons), which focus about all the things that are opposite to good here.
  • They've also been known to respect spoilers for those who aren't registered users. London Bridge has fallen down now. That sentence served no purpose on purpose.
  • There are also pages that solely exist for pointing out plot holes and "fridge logic" in a specific work.
  • Most of the users on TV Tropes have admitted to having strange and at times, crazy sexual fantasies about their favorite characters/real people.
  • It's like Rick Rolling, but you're trapped all day.
  • TV Tropes have also acknowledged this wiki before. In fact, they even said that it was really for YouTube Poop, which, of course, means they're correct about that.
  • Even some YouTube Poopers have been known to fit some of TV Tropes' special tropes themselves.
  • They refuse to call Wikipedia by its real name. Rather, they call it as "The Other Wiki".
  • They have an entire section devoted to self-promotion. Don't clamour for anything like that on THIS wiki.
This is the usual reaction the moment you've been in this site for longer than 5 minutes.

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