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Stutter Loop

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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.

A stutter loop is the playing of a very fast clip, usually a few milliseconds in length played over and over for added effect and repetition. The sound generates the effect in this. Most of the time, the clip will be of somebody saying a word, with a hard consonant or syllable cut out (Such as "Wha" from "What?" or "Na" from Now). It can also be a swishing effect played over and over for a rather strange effect. Occasionally the clip will be sped up or slowed down at random times during the loop.

A slight variation involves the clip being played normally, then reversed, then played normally again over and over. Clips used in this are generally a slight and sudden action of somebody or something, such as someone lifting their arm or turning around. In this version, the sound doesn't produce the effect, the video clip itself does.

How to Do It[edit]

  1. Select video clip.
  2. Shorten it or cut it down to the part you want stuttered.
  3. Copy this new clip.
  4. Paste it as many times as you want. (Press Ctrl and V)

Due to how easy it is to make in pretty much any editing program, as well as sometimes having some cool/funny effects, Stutter Loop is one of the most common poopisms.



Similar to a Stutter Loop but goes on for nearly the entire duration of the video. Similar to a PC locking up (crashing) mid way through playing a sound file. Slight variations are also common to suggest subliminal interference and serve to encourage viewer to watch the entire piece for fear of missing an important moment.

Stutter Loop Plus[edit]

The addition of a visual edit added to each individual frame in a stutter.

Stutter Loop Minus[edit]

The stutter loop can only be heard and not seen. See the infamous Robotnik Chair-Sitting Scene or Diploma Dope.

Stutter Reverse[edit]

Rioting Soul: "In WMM, take a clip and cut it up into the smallest segments possible. Rearrange the pieces so that it starts with the last piece and progresses toward the first."

Vanilla Loop[edit]

A plain, classic Stutter Loop, often around a second long with no added variety. Popular with early Poopers due to its extreme annoyance factor plus ease of making.

Vanilla Surprise[edit]

It seems like a Vanilla Loop, but in fact, there are secret surprise to add variety. They may not even happen until the very end.

Visual Loop[edit]

A loop that has no sound, such as a repeated clip of King Harkinian's "Dinner?" motion. Throw in some Japanese pop song and some visual lighting and you've got yourself a Rave/Hyper Rave.

Buzz Loop[edit]

A Stutter Loop that repeats a single frame or only part of a frame. The repetition of a single frame of video/audio will create a buzzing noise. This type of Stutter Loop is most popular with current poopers.

Stutter Crop[edit]

Stutter crop is when you make a stutter and you crop each stutter. This is often used by fast-paced poopers.

Pitch-Shifted Stutter Loop[edit]

A Stutter Loop where each frame in the stutter has been pitch-shifted.

Reversed Stutter Loops[edit]

Take a clip from the video, then paste it in front of it, and repeat it several times

Reverse Stutter Loops Plus[edit]

Just like reverse stutter loops only every time you paste a new clip you make it faster and faster