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Dat deres a nice State Seal eh?.

Dis here is dat dere Minnesota article on da Chewiki dun-chya-no. So Ah-min-ah tells you da facts.Minnesota is the 12th largest state in the USA, and home to 10,000 lakes formed by glaciers (Actually 11,842, but 10,000 sounds a lot more catchy dun-chya-no?) Dis state is also known for its moderate to progressive politics and social policies, civic involvement, and high voter turnout. We ranks among da healthiest states, and you betcha we have a highly literate population.

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We're not 100% sure he means that shit.

Poopers From Minnesota

Characters From Minnesota


  • Their football team is da "Minnesota Vikings".
{{#ev:youtube|oDUvyoJCrhM|320}}Dis was dat Vikings game we were talking aboot.
  • Minnesota is Dakota for "Sky-Tinted Water" dun-chya-no?.
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We Minnesotans are very strict wit our laws dun-chya-no?
  • Is famous for the hawt deesh, a casserole where one is not sure of the ingredients, but goes wid pop and dat Vikings game dun-chya-no?
  • Mayo Clinic, one of the best hospitals in the world, is located in Minnesota.
  • Minnesota used to trade fur.
  • Ash Ketchum believes that Vikings live in Minnesota. The Nostalgia Critic insisted on apologizing to all Minnesotans for Ash's idiocy about Vikings.
  • Our lingo is a result of years of blended bad English from over 43 different countries, innerestin' idn't it?
  • Minnesota is home to the United States' largest mall in area, which is, surprisingly, not the largest in shopping space, due to the large area occupied by amusement parks, who dint like dat Camp Snoopy before Nickelodeon took over eh?
  • Minnesota once ended up having the Lakers franchise back when the NBA was young and the Lakers were actually respectable.
    • Now, they just have the sucky Timberwolves as a franchise for the NBA.
  • The name of a special cheeseburger that they have is called the "Ju(i)cy Lucy".
  • The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul (both in Minnesota) used to be rivals with each other.
  • 13% of Minnesotans are werewolves, 15% are vampires and 12% resemble Frankenstein's Monster. If you are well-liked, and very lucky, you might get to see an authentic Monster Mash during your time in Minnesota.
  • Lutefisk is more popular in MN than the Scandinavian nations themselves. Its popularity is due in part to the high populations of people of Scandinavian heritage.