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Facepalm Luigi

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It's all his fault!

Name: Facepalm Luigi
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Male
Age: 57
Nationality: Italian
Occupation(s): Crying
Played By: Tony Rosato

Facepalm Luigi is one of Luigi's many forms (also known by SuperYoshi and TheDumbening as Facepalm Luigi). This is what happens when Luigi discovers the effect he has had on YouTube Poop, or once he realises he is no longer funny.

Effect On Personal Life[edit]

When Luigi is facepalming, it has drastic effects on the Super Mario Bros. plumbing business. One memorable day, in 1997, Mario and Luigi were called to fix a problem with the great toilet of Robotnik. When they arrived, they discovered that Robotnik's toilet had been clogged up with something nasty. As Mario attempted to use a plunger to fix it, Luigi watched closely. Then it happened. The plunger broke in half, and the bottom segment went down the drain. Luigi attempted to save it, but he was too late. He ran out of Robotnik's fortress in shame, and was found a few hours later next to a dustbin in Florida.

Luigi spent the next few months thinking about the plunger, thinking that its loss was all his fault. On November 18th of that year, Luigi attempted to facepalm to a light bulb. Unfortunately for him, the light bulb exploded, and Luigi spent a few hours crying in the darkness. Eventually, Mario came in to fix the light bulb, whilst Luigi wrote a poem about how much he missed the old light bulb and cried himself to sleep that night.

He now believes that he is to blame for every bad thing that has ever happened, including the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, World War II, AIDS, the death of his parents, and Super Bowl XLIII.

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Mario scolds Luigi for being so sad.
{{#ev:youtube|ss8LDBNcsWc|320}}Here's one of the things that made Luigi sad.

In the Media[edit]

With so much fail, it was inevitable that Facepalm Luigi would someday create his own depressing music video before one of his facepalming attempts would actually work. His video, "Watch Me Bleed" (directed by Deepercutt), is shown on the right. Facepalm Luigi grew even more dissapointed after realizing the video's high popularity and success. However, he lost some of that dissapointment when he found out that one day, that video disappeared, much to the hatred of those who liked it.

Notable Things Which Turned Luigi Sad[edit]


  • "*insert crying sounds here* IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!"
  • "WHERE'S THE LIGHT SWITCH" (Said shortly after suicide attempt No. 3.)
  • "I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO IT!" (Said after he got Princess Peach pregnant with emo babies.)
  • "YOSHI?!!!"
  • "HEY LINK!"
  • "NO!"
  • "But I am a baby!" (Said as a response to Mario saying to not act like such a baby.)