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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
DSYTP has changed their username to DarkSinLord.

In Brief

DSYTP is a YouTube Pooper who loves Sentence Mixing, SuS jokes, and scrambling.

The History of DarkSinLord

DarkSinLord discovered YouTube Poop in approx. 2009 to 2010 (he don't know the exact date.) He don't watch YTPs that often until about 2015.

Before he made a YouTube account, he started making YTPs at February 6, 2016. His first YTP before his account creation is pretty bad. Watch his first YTP ever if you dare. Once he used Movie Studio 13 more and he learned from the YTP tutorials, his YTP gets better.

2017 was a big improvement for him. He created his YTP account at March, 2017.

The first YTP Collab he joined was Sly Cooper YTP Collab, which are hosted by BadMoonofMartyr.

He joined YouChew at May 2, 2017 and made friends, including Morimoto, who was a popular YTPer, PancakeLord117, Ian O'Keefe, and jimjunk. This year also marks the release of Bill Wurtz thinks about Japan, DragonForce, & Time Force, which it is his favorite YTP currently that he made by himself.

He upgraded his video editing software to Movie Studio 14 Platinum at May 6, 2017. Since then, he continued to make YouTube Poops and released new YTPs. (frequency varies) Thanks to NKpower criticizing the spammy effects on his Green Police YTP, he cuts down on unnecessary Video Effects.

After he uploaded "The Johnny Test YTP Collab", at August 2017, his sub counts jumped from 50 to 67 in less than a day, thanks to the critical acclaim (no, not the fucking song by A7X).

On August 22, 2018, he changed his username from DSYTP to DarkSinLord, since DSYTP as a username don't work well for him. Around the end of 2018, he changed from Movie Studio 14 Platinum to Vegas Pro 16.

First poop seen

Can't remember what he have seen first.

First poop made

(YTP) Charmin Ultra SoS helps you clean stronger

{{#ev:youtube|Jud_9UtK8YM|320}}His first YTP.


Primarily sentence mixing, with some effects, and visual puns added.

Hosted Collabs

Collabs he's joined

{{#ev:youtube|MDMzOZjkRkQ|320}}His Sly Cooper YTP Collab Entry.

YTP Tennis List

  • vs. Matt0417 (Failed at Round 5)
  • vs. Externor (Currently at Round 1)
  • vs. Rimiku (Currently at Round 4)
  • Me vs. vidtens443 vs. retrogenetics (8/9)

His Favorite Lists

Favorite Sources

  • LazyTown (might change later)
  • TotalSeminarChannel (especially the "Fuck you, you cocksucking ass" and other variants using sentence mixing)
  • Break The Bridge (as a YTP source)
  • Charmin
  • TF2
  • SpectreSoundStudios
  • Obscure Sources

Favorite Gags

  • "Fuck you, you cocksucking ass" and other variants
  • Tech Text
  • HoH SiS & JoJ
  • cs188 references and "Hey guys, cs here!"
  • Glenn Fricker as a ref. joke

About his YTP details

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • Movie Studio 13.0 (March 2017 - May 2017)
  • Movie Studio 14.0 Platinum (May 2017 - August 2018)
  • Vegas Pro 16 (August 2018 - )
  • Photoshop CS6



  • Commenters who don't leave constructive criticism
  • YTPs/YTPMVs with not enough effort or crappy YTPs/YTPMVs (unless it's meant to be ironic)
  • Spam
  • Viacom
  • Copyright, or Community Guideline strikes
  • Generic comments from music labels (like Rewind Remix)
  • GoAnimate (renamed to Vyond) and their fanboys
  • People making MLG videos (unless they're funny), and they sometimes decide to call MLG videos "YTPs". Just why?
  • Harambe and John Cena Memes (they are used too much)
  • FGTeeV [removing "eeV" gives a accurate "FGT"], FUNnel Vision, or other shitty kids/toys channels
  • LOUDNESS WAR BULLSHIT! (objective: to make the music as loud as possible by simply crushing the dynamic range too much using compression and limiting, leaving less impact. Compression is fine for mixing and mastering as long as they don't do it too hard, Metal and Rock can be pushed harder [still limiting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) how much you can push])
  • YouTube Problems


  • Go to any of his YTPs and you might see positive comments on YouTube:
    • "This one is amazing"
    • "Good! That sentence mixing kicks ass."
    • "This is awesome! You even put my name in there :D I can tell you put lots of effort, keep making these!" from EvinEdits on my WSHS YTP.
  • When he first uploaded his first YTP called, "(YTP) Charmin Ultra SoS helps you clean stronger," it received positive reception from BadMoonofMartyr that his first YTP have great editing. Here's a actual comment on YouTube:
    • "For a first youtube poop; this is pretty damn good. Keep it up!" - BadMoonofMartyr's comment on my Charmin YTP.


Although he received positive comments from viewers and YTPers, there's negative comments.

  • His first YTP after account creation just focused on audio + video effects, forward-reversing and the jokes suck.
  • His first YTP ever has very little editing, the pacing seems boring, and his poopism patterns are too predictable. Watch if you dare.


  • Reached 25 subs (June 2017)
  • Reached 100 subs (October 2017)
  • Received 4,000 views and more on his JT YTP Collab (September 2017)
  • Some popular YTPers (Morshu the Sheetposter, GSgiraffes, and TheWackyWeevil, among others) noticed/subscribed to him.
  • Brickertown followed him on Twitter and YouChew.
  • Jallerbo followed him on Twitter.

Influenced by

Fans (add if you like)






Notable Poops

List of his notable poops from oldest to newest; that includes repoops, collab entries, or hosted collabs

Title Date Uploaded
(YTP Collab Entry) Bill Wurtz thinks about Japan, DragonForce, & Time Force July 12, 2017
(YTP Collab Entry) Johnny Test & cs188 vs. Sadist Bling Bling Boy August 20, 2017
The Johnny Test YTP Collab August 24, 2017
(YTP Collab Entry) "Scammer" Protegent made I.T. mad October 20, 2017

Other Information


  • He likes clever and well-done sex jokes because it makes him laugh.
  • His YouChew wiki account was made in April 20, 2017 which is weed day.
  • His YouTube account is created at March 16, 2017, which SkillsUSA District Competition is at here.


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