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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief

Potato is a fairly generic YTPer, who mostly poops other YouTubers he enjoys watching


Potato discovered YTPs in 2008, but was confused and weirded out by them, and forgot they even existed until mid-2015, when he discovered noisepuppet and Numberer1, which eventually inspired him to begin creating his own YTPs in May, 2016. He hosted The Secret Wolf YTP Collab on June 14, 2017.

First poop seen

YTPeen: The Misadventures of Skooks - Part 1/5

First poop made

(YTP) Potato in Agarioland


Potato typically mixes older YTP tropes, such as sentence mixing and SuS, with more recent jokes and methods.

Preferred Sources

  • Pwnageshow
  • Rich Alvarez
  • TheGeekFactor

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • VideoPad Video Editor

Hosted Collabs



  • Ear Rape
  • Overused jokes
  • Bad sentence mixing


At first, his YTPs were bad, as expected, and have almost equal like to dislike ratios, but his newer YTP's tend to get positive reception, and take much more effort


He has trouble leaving a YTP to finish later, and tries to finish it all in one night, causing him to run out of ideas halfway through, and make lots of bad, uninspired jokes and edits in the second half of his videos.


  • Entered a YTP collab (The Sedge and Dan collab)

Influenced by


Poop Listing

Other Information


  • 'The Misadventures of Skooks', is his favorite YTP, and was the first YTP he watched, though at the time he thought it was stupid and weird
  • noisepuppet is his favorite YTP'er


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