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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Newmoderatorimagethatwillhopefullysatisifypeoplethistime.png  Geibuchan is a former moderator for the YouChew forums.

Early History[edit]

His early days at Youtube were spent watching poopers from the boomer era , but at the time, he never really had much of an ambition to make youtube poops himself, just animations out of Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Hardly any of them ever got released, but a good lot of people who saw them mistook them for flash animations. He never really had a lot of views until he felt happy one day and just decided to make The King's Epic Adventure Part 1 on a whim, just to see if he could make something of a popular flash poop at the time, with the limited resources on hand. Since then, he began to only make poops once in a while, and on that while he'd make typical poops from movie maker, using paint to simulate "flash" effects, trying to make best of what he had. He never really had much of a drive to make a lot of videos until he made a big discovery on his mom's school laptop.

For a long time he'd leech off his mum's computer with his new-found access to Adobe Premiere, causing his video editing to receive an impressive boost in versatility, due to being introduced to the concept of layers. He started out with a few videos for practice and built on from there, but it wasn't until the creation of Allison Won Derland 4, where he'd find the formula that worked best for him. To this day he makes poops hunched over his own notebook. Aside from his standard poops, The King's Epic Adventure thrives to this day, though delays might occur. Up-to-date standards made by part 3 include sentence mixing, Ear rape, a jumpy plot, somewhat fluent animation, seizure effects, boss battles, and occasionally custom-drawn visuals. Episode 4 also builds upon the formula from episode 3, adding more fluent animation, masking, and actual audible sentence mixing.

In Brief[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|USoKpllmHk4|320}}Geibuchan in his prime

He's a really friendly pooper whose life goal is to make people happy with his work.

First poop seen[edit]

Robotnik on the Toilet

First poop made[edit]

Graduation of MALICE


His poopstyle is inspired by several '06-'08 and modern day poopers, but typically involves switching gears between multiple styles and poop-genres on a dime. The result usually comes with sentence mixing, plenty of ear rape, masking as well as loads of visual effects akin to flash, and context construction. He takes a more cinematic approach for the King's Epic Adventure, or other ambitious flashpoops. A great advantage to his style leaves him able to pretty much do whatever he wants to; the only real thing he has trouble with would be pitch shifting, or dealing with faulty tech. Traditionally, Geibuchan's poops tend to be 6-12 minutes long, with special occasions reaching a little over 20, and thanks to years of trying to perfect his excecution, his newer poops run at a most consistent pace. They'll always have an Azumanga Daioh segment reserved at the end.

Preferred Sources[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|TuL5cbI4_uY|320}}This one was infamous for creating an in-joke famous among his fans and associates

Preferred Methods[edit]

Prefered Tech[edit]

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Here is a vector Geibuchan did of Azumanga's Kagura. His love for the show goes a long way


  • Older poopstyles, despite being known for flashy visuals and sentence mixing.
  • Quality cartoons
  • Dumb cartoons
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Everything from Nintendo. (born and raised on Super Mario Bros.)
  • Mega Man and Capcom in general. He's just now getting into the Legends and .EXE games.
  • Food
  • Sega.
  • Metal Gear Solid (Snake and Otacon have roles in his flashpoop series, The King's Epic Adventure)
  • Konami games in general, especially if they use the Yamaha YM2151 chip for bgm
  • Namco
  • Metal Slug
  • Chocolate
  • Spreading Turtles Christmas cheer every holiday season.
  • His libraries of .pngs, visual overlays, and sound effects
  • Pretty much anything he's used as a poop source, save for Lucky Star



His viewers claim that each of his poops as must-watch experiences. There have been a few cases where he helped his associates get all inspired just by uploading something. For a while though, a good 40% of his viewers weren't interested in any of his poops that didn't involve King Harkinian and his adventures. This problem seems to have subsided.


Only 1 out of 25 people seem to have a problem with his ear-raping tendencies. most of that crowd tends to disregard everything else that happens in the subjective poop. His sentence mixing, up until Robotnik's Epic Adventure part 0, has been rather iffy; his viewers used to request subtitles for his earlier works. Some might find his poops too lengthy, but strangely enough, no one's ever actually told him anything concerning it. In recent years anyway. There was also a crowd that didn't like him using Azumanga Daioh, not that most folks in it would even recognize it as the same show every time, it was probably the same crowd that just doesn't like having anime in their poops. Either way, they haven't been very vocal in recent times.


  • As of now, literally has over 9000 subscribers.
  • Completed the King's Epic Adventure 4 act 2 (a personal achievement)


and others


Poop Listing and History[edit]

Listed by date, main poops and fad responses/collab entries listed. That's excluding actual filler and previews to future poops.


This first one's a list of everything I did before I got my hands on Premiere. I was a dumb kid at the time with no real common sense; though some stand out, a good lot of them pretty much epitomize what you'd expect from a no-name kid from '08 with WMM and Paint as his only tools. Complete with one deleted poop which, admittedly, was made as an attempt to get all buddy-buddy with Stegblob.

The well deserved block she gave me would eventually get lifted on the third era, but it actually didn't phase me at all when it happened as I kind of half-expected it.

Name Date Uploaded Length
Graduation of MALICE 5-15-07 4:02
Mama Luigi makes a long story short 8-16-08 1:50
The King's Epic Adventure 1 10-09-08 5:00
Tomo and the Blustery Day 1-1-09 2:04
Mario Coughs a Cob 3-07-09 5:05
The King's Epic Adventure 2 Act1 6-26-09 6:20
The King's Epic Adventure 2 Act 2 6-26-09 6:10


Here we have the stuff I cranked out trying to learn my way around Premiere, once I found out my Mom's work laptop had it installed. With the ability to use layers, transparency, and a video downloader of my own to work with, I was ready to get started. I initially kept making long videos in an attempt to make the most out of the sources I was using at the time, and liked the idea of making package deals with poops so that you get more poops in one, so the whole long video thing stayed. Everything before The King's Epic Adventure 3 was just me trying to learn my way around the program, and that first part of episode 3, a whole year's worth of sidework, initially got wiped out by a malware incident since the laptop didn't have any real protection whenever it was off campus. When the computer came back from getting serviced, with the hard drive merely replaced, I didn't let it get to me. I jumped back into it and finished it in just two weeks, and carried on the rest of the episode in 2 week intervals. To this day I still wish I was that fast, but back then I was able to make things in a more routinely manner, as I didn't have to do much just to get videos out the door.

After my 2k celebratory special, I was under some impression that I had some unspoken standards to live up to, from both the way the general community was facing and from my own subscribers, and for some time I couldn't tell what truly made my poopstyle mine, or what direction to take it in. As a result, you got some gems here and there while others don't quite hit the mark.

Name Date Uploaded Length
Bowser Gets an Ideear 10-07-09 4:33
Sunday Wars - The Movie 11-17-09 3:51
Bagheera's Cognitive Development is in Question 12-20-09 6:51
Arthropod of the Leporidae Family Displays Constant Humourous Trickery 12-26-09 3:49
Lumiere's Gang Affiliated Dinner Flambe of Tomfoolery 1-09-10 8:49
The Brawl Taunts Poop Which Looks Like Most People 2-28-10 7:21
Mickey Climbs the Stairway To Heaven 4-10-10 7:07
Pac Man gets Belated on his Birthday 5-29-10 6:31
The King's Epic Adventure 3 Act 1 6-24-10 8:48
Snake uses the Survival Viewer: "Backpack" at 7am 7-13-10 0:31
The King's Epic Adventure 3 Act 2 7-26-10 8:23
The King's Epic Adventure 3 Act 3 9-10-10 13:03
Allison Won Derland 10-01-10 6:22
Allison Won Derland 2 10-23-10 8:00
SUPER 2k Special! AVGN's Epic Adventure Part 1/1 10-31-10 2:25
Allison Won Derland 3 11-25-10 8:54
The 2-and-a-half volumed Sonic Shorts Poop Extravaganza 12-25-10 8:18
IT'S THE BLACK GAMERS -nyo 1-09-11 4:57
Allison Won Derland 3.5 3-27-11 11:58


This was when I decided to break loose from whatever limiters were holding me back earlier, and just follow my heart with whatever I set out to make, effectively unlocking my true potential. This meant truly realizing a proper formula I could work with, in taking full advantage of my specialty of crafting visual tricks, enduring a long arc just to improve my sentence mixing, and taking different poopstyles and combining them, on the whole setting out to improve my own abilities from here on out. The whole stigmas and standards people made up for poops were still ever prevalent though, be them made by poopers and watchers alike. From this point onward, I wanted to make videos that could go well with anyone's tastes. This way, no one could look down upon them, no matter what end of the spectrum the viewer would be observing from.

Name Date Uploaded Length
Allison Won Derland 4 6-09-11 11:59
The King's Epic Adventure 4 Act 1 7-10-11 10:41
Geibuchan flies at Mach 100.avi 9-02-11 0:11
Collab entry: Boss's Journey to the Recycling Box 11-06-11 2:12
Robotnik's Epic Adventure Part 0 12-29-11 9:21
Pitkin 4-22-12 0:27
Robotnik Seduces Virtual Boy Yukari into Handing Over the Love Machine 6-28-18 6:50
Kagura's Hot, Sticky Fluids 7-29-12 0:28
Some Screamers Can't Go On Epic Adventures 8-04-12 0:45
Geibuchan Doodles in a Napkin While Looking For Frames With Koopa for the King's Epic Adventure 10-10-12 1:51
The King's Epic Adventure 4 Act 2 10-31-12 27:36
IF WE BE OKAY TOGETHER 12-01-12 0:39
Splinter Invents Turtles Christmas Scented Candles 12-13-12 14:31
Return of Geibuchan: The Very Short OVA 4-04-13 x:xx
WHEN YOU'RE HARD 6-07-13 14:32
OctoCamo on Ice 6-16-13 2:00
I.M. Back 8-04-13 3:40
HOT ROLF SHED ACTION 10-28-13 3:13
COW EATS (withheld until Allison Won Derland 5 comes, but sharing it here should be safe) 11-30-13 2:07


In the midst of buffing my poopstyle, I found that my pacing for these videos proved to be inconsistent, and I've been troubled with finding a way to iron out this personal issue. That is, until SpaghettiBycicle held a TMNT Christmas collab in hopes that I'd enter. The rules stated that entries could be within 5 minutes. This involved me doing everything within my power to shed off extra seconds and minutes from the project, while still preserving all the meat, upon doing a double take on the collab's rules. When I was done, I apologized to the pastabikeman that despite my efforts, I couldn't shake off the extra 30 seconds my entry had. He coughed up how the length limit was actually nonexistant and that he knew the relative freedom allowed by having 5 minutes to work with would've encouraged me to come along and join in. In doing this, he inadvertently, and unwittingly, taught me how to fix my pacing, and for that I am eternally grateful. Now my overall execution remains polished to the nth degree, and even past that I've gathered more confidence to occasionally break away from the usual grind and experiment with other things and side videos, now that the poop community as a whole was beginning to mellow out.

Since I essentially now had the means to do anything I wanted, if time or circumstances would allow for it, I decided to work on a few poops that I've always wanted to make, even with flashpoop obligations to eventually tend to. Now if only having my workspace in Premiere set to 720p for a while didn't slow things down so hard.

The only thing left to improve was picture quality. Shortly after this, I started having trouble with wrapping my head around aspect ratios, once it dawned upon me how I've been rendering my videos wrong the whole time- rendering videos straight up as 740x480 with square pixels, so my fullscreen works would come out with bars on the siding no matter what. Then I tried making the project files have square pixels from the start to avoid this, that and to help with clarity to an extent, but the first video I did it for not only came out kinda ugly from having the azu portion stretched and having it all horribly interlaced as a result of not knowing that I should've disabled it. Eventually after finally deciding to just make things in widescreen after that, it came to me that making things in 480p was keeping little details in my videos from being fully realized, due to youtube screwing up the picture quality the whole time. Sometime later while pondering about that, I found out that I could've made my videos in HD the whole time, I just thought filesizing would be an issue. It certainly isn't now, given how I have a terabyte external hard drive on hand, but trying to figure out how to fix my bitrate settings was unorthodox, given how I've never had to actually worry about it before. I've yet to release something proper with this new bitrate setting though.

Name Date Uploaded Length
Splinter Invites That Opera Guy Over For Turtles Christmas 12-24-13 12:02
King K Rool Files A Complaint At Super Disney Land 3 1-27-14 10:34
Ddede Invisible Touch'es Dr robit innapropriately because toNIGHT TONIGHT TONIIIGHT OHOOO 4-30-14 16:43
Alien Fruit Monster Poops the Loop 6-07-14 1:01
The Posh Breakdown of the Gorilla Who Refers To Himself as an Ass 6-16-14 11:26
IOU A YTP 11-12-14 22:19
I O U A Clipmate Excretement 11-12-14 5:10
デデデはやってくる 12-11-14 00:13
Splinter Becomes REEEALLY LATE to His Own Turtles Christmas Party 7-28-15 13:59
Quick poop: An Ode to Earrape. Hold the Onions 8-20-15 1:12
Proton Cannon Flashpoop/Green Screen Test Video with A Download Link and a Regular Poop at the end 9-26-15 00:58
Garfield and Sonic at the All You Can Eat Free Chili Dog Games 11-30-15 5:25
Geibuchan Christmas Bash - 08 Must Be Santa 1-26-16 4:50
Country Ep 6 - Raid the Nana 4-29-16 12:46


Other Information[edit]

  • He has a DeviantART account. Rarely uses it.
  • He enjoys drawing. here's an example of something he drew by hand and colored in photoshop.
  • Introduced hundreds of people to Azumanga Daioh just by pooping it.
  • Throws together models and entire hand drawn materials solely for his poops even if they'll be visible for only one poop, OR one second.
  • Pays tribute to multiple genres and poopstyles, sometimes even references other people's poops.
  • He happily interacts with his viewers.



  • He is the only pooper thus far to have ever written a comic/manga just for one of his videos.
  • His only tools for pooping are... wait a minute, go look at what I put for Preferred Tech
  • Once stretched a two minute clip of a villain song to eight minutes non-stop
  • Poopwise, a lot of things tend to come around for him at Halloween.
  • As long as his poops may get, he's sworn to never break the 30 minute mark.
  • He's gotten plenty of people to watch Azumanga Daioh with his poops, even Stuart K. Reilly!
  • He helped Nathan Allard make custom art for his arcade machine, for free, which even had a custom game made for it.
  • Despite having made several poops using Metal Gear Solid, and having Snake and Otacon appear as part of The King's Epic Adventure's main cast, he's never actually played a MGS game until Stuart K. Reilly gave him a spare PS1 he had lying around.
  • He, along with Combuskenisawesome, currently handle the art department for the YTP News show


Other Links[edit]