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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.


Chaofanatic started out as a random cretin prowling around on youtube like any other insolent slob that wished they could make videos. Then one day he actually got up and did something about it and started making crappy youtube poops. A while later he started doing frame by frame animation in Microsoft paint and windows movie maker, giving birth to the Quest for Dinner series. He later discovered Sony Vegas, Effects Lab Pro and Flash and started on his merry way to success.

Now Chaofanatic is a semi-popular youtube pooper and strives to release the highest quality entertainment that can be expected from a youtube pooper.

But beware though. He has a very low tolerance for stupidity. He WILL lash out at you if you say something idiotic, but aside from that he's generally nice.

In brief

Chaofanatic is a pooper who strongly believes that you should put effort into everything you do.

First poop seen


First poop made

Youtube Poop: Mario Destroys The Earth! (Granted it wasn't very good... But you know... First video and all.)


Using well known Youtube Poop charaters to tell fun little stories. And when I say fun... I mean ranging from hilarious to downright scary. He always tries his best to keep away from typical flash poop stereotypes, what with the regular guns and the spadinner crap. All weapons have a legal requirement of being as over the top as possible, resulting in characters using suits of powered armor or giant robots and the like to preform a mundane task such as punching someone in he face. No Kings with a pistol here folks. Slapping is forbidden, daggers kill viewers, and conventional firearms bore the fuck out of people. A typical Chaofanatic video will usually include giant robots, over the top special effects, a little bit to a whole lot of actual flash animation with real animation instead of flavorless animation substitute, and to many video game references to count.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Prefered Tech

  • Sony Vegas for video editing
  • Adobe Flash for animation
  • Source Engine for complex particle effects


  • Cow and Chicken
  • The Demon Train
  • Explosions
  • Witty people
  • Confusing people with big words.
  • Abrupt, out of nowhere endings.
  • Faking hardware limitations in animation.
  • Add blending
  • Subtract blending
  • Any other kind of visual blending that makes things look cool.


  • Windows Movie Maker
  • People thinking that I should care about their feelings.
  • Never winning anything.
  • People who say "It'd be funny if (overused meme) happened here!"
  • Overused memes.
  • "Fans" who watch nothing but Dinner Blaster 2.
  • People who constantly call characters by the wrong names (I.E. Mecha Zelda getting called Robo Zelda, etc.)
  • "Thumbs up if you (generic thing)" comments.
  • "Thumbs up if you saw (thing that didn't happen)" comments.
  • The fact that his most viewed video is an overated piece of spadinner, fx lab pro, snoo-cetera, faggotry. I mean come on! Watch something else for God sake!!
  • People who whine about Flash and how "Anything made in flash is terrible" with no grounds other than not liking it.
  • Metal Slug explosions and/or generic gifs showing up in place of real effort. Metal Slug does not blend well, people!
  • The fact that he can't really find his own style.


  • He just can't get the hang of fluid sentence mixing.
  • He has a tendency to leak details for upcoming videos to the public and then not actually go and do said thing.
  • Filler... It's always the filler. Chaofanatic seems to have a hard time coming up with interesting ways to fill up time and make a video longer.
  • Has a tendency to set his own standards for his own work way to high. He's getting a bit better about it though.



Other Information

  • He's one of the few "flash poopers" who actually uses flash.
  • He is ADHD and is trying to get a better work ethic going but can't seem to do so.


  • 2000 subscribers!!
  • Doing his own work most of the time.
  • Created the best Giygas effect.