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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png BSP666c is a frequent Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
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The account(s) BSP666c has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!

{{#ev:youtube|zGIcY1-yHWE|320}}Round 6 Vs ChrisGendo Vs Metzgorrre in the 3-Way Tourney

In brief[edit]

This pooper is popular for his Youtube Poop Tennis matches "founded" by Piodx, who was his friend, and his career started. He is also slightly interested in Happy Tree Friends and very interested in playing around in the Quake games. This pooper is also a die-hard Chelsea FC fan.


His first glance at the idea of Youtube Poop was dating back around June 2008 and he decided to do one using Windows Movie Maker (XP ver) although he didn't had in the way of sources at the time. His first source he used was Charlie and the chocolate factory on the infamous "YOU GET NOTHING!" scene from Wonka. His early technique was repeating short clips over and over again. He almost gave up on Youtube Poop because he thought they were awful. But in December 2008, he got back into the rhythm all thanks to the video editor Sony Vegas. He mostly now focuses on Youtube Poop Tennis.

Unfortunately, his main Youtube account was unexpectedly terminated while he was on holiday in Central France in late July 2009. He was completely gobsmacked to what happened to his Youtube account when he arrived back. He describes and treats that incident as "unexplained". He had to use his alt Youtube account, now the main Youtube account, to explain what had happened and created another Youtube account called "ISIBSP666cISI" which is from his obsoleted Quake III gamertag. That is now used for anything that is not YTP related.

His goal was to become one of the well known and professional Youtube Poop Tennis players.

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Didier Drogba, who won it for Chelsea, lifting the Champions League Trophy on the 19th May 2012

In June 2012, this pooper went on hiatus and went inactive till September 2013. He lost all motivation to making videos after he went out of the 4th tourney in May 2012. He blamed that defeat to Chelsea when they famously "fluked" their way into lifting the Champions League trophy, a 1-1 (3-4 pen) win in the Allianz Arena, right after MycroProcessor posted his round 4. His return to YTP was a collab entry for imoutofideas' Brain Rape collab.

On the 4th July 2015, he gave up on being a HTF fan lookalike yellow squirrel and turned, no, evolved into a Pachirisu!

First poop seen[edit]

YouTube Poop: Volvic Veggie Burger! by MogAnarchy in June 2008.

First poop made[edit]

"Youtube Poop: Wonka Goes Ballistic" in late June 2008. That video is no longer available after his main Youtube account was unexpectedly suspended.


This Pooper's strengths are adding a lot of video effects, distorting the video and outputting the video in an unusual, discrete way of recognition. In his opinion, he finds it more exhilarating and exciting when spicing up segments.

{{#ev:youtube|Jk8Dpef6cE0|320}}Round 5 Vs GameBop Vs MycroProcessor in the 3-Way Tourney

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Matches played by Chelsea FC
  • Quake/Doom
  • Game Tournies e.g. Quakecon, Dream Hack World
  • Gran Turismo
  • Tool-Assisted Speedruns
  • Speedruns
  • Kraftwerk
  • Early Gurus of Electronic Music

Not Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Hotel Mario
  • Zelda: Wand of Gamelon
  • Zelda: Faces of Evil
  • Sponge Bob SquarePants
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Erosion
  • Skullfucking
  • Ear Rape
  • Fast Pace
  • Buzzing effect
  • Key-layering
  • 3D layering
  • Experimental
  • Datamoshing/Databending
  • Corruption
{{#ev:youtube|GS6uOLoe7V0|320}} YTPMV made after been sent to the lower brackets of the 3-way tourney Vs MycroProcessor Vs molhal

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Sony Vegas Pro 8 & Pro 12
  • WAX (Debug Mode) 2.0
  • Windows Movie Maker (XP,VISTA AND LIVE)
  • Emulators/Hardware that utilises the OPL2 musical synthesiser
  • After Effects
  • Audacity (For datamoshing)
  • Avidemux (For datamoshing)
  • Corrupster(For datamoshing and corruption)


  • Youtube Poops that features a lot of Anime
  • Pictures only AMVs


When this pooper got into grips with Sony Vegas in April 2009, he started to criticise people who use Windows Movie Maker saying that it's for morons and completely unnecessary when you got Sony Vegas around.

A few months later, he realised what he had done wrong. He started to use Windows Movie Maker again by using "The FX Archive", suggested by DaftPunkYoshi, and he started to enjoy using it. He now occasionally uses Windows Movie Maker in organised Youtube Poop Tennis matches.

Even today he still feels guilty to what he had said and wished that he didn't say it in the first place. He thinks that criticism made an alcove on his reputation on Youtube Poop.


  • Winning his first Tennis Tournament match
  • One of his YTP Tennis video got over 5,000 views
  • Has several fans who are professional to Youtube Poop Tennis
  • Other poopers who have an influence to his styles
{{#ev:youtube|l7iigJaQEHg|320}} Currently the most popular YTP Tennis round he made (Round 5 Vs Piodx)



  • MycroProcessor
  • molhal
  • Piodx


Poop Tennis[edit]

Throughout his career he mainly focuses on Youtube Poop Tennis.

{{#ev:youtube|d88Eb9OU1vA|320}} A Windows Movie Maker match utilising "The FX Archive ", Round 5 Vs RoboChaoXX

Wants to play or I like to play[edit]

  1. MycroProcessor
  2. GameBop
  3. Metzgorrre
  4. CorruptionSound
  5. Iamoutofideas1
  6. Sploltoen
  7. Sid1325

In Progress[edit]

  1. Sploltoen and metroid998 Vs MycroProcessor and GameBop (Round 2A/6)
  2. NESfanboi (Round 4/6)
  3. TheChutley (Round 3/6)
  4. Kurkop (Round 3/6)
  5. BMATF (Round 2/6)
  6. dewmann (Round 2/6)
  7. The Quality Tennis match (3A/2B)/(12A/12B)
  8. Sploltoen & dewmann Vs Debaser Fletchie & Metroid998 (4/16)
  9. eletricalmonkss Vs Sploltoen Vs Sid1325 Vs NITROCONCRETE1 Vs CorruptionSound (Multiway Tourney)


  1. Piodx
  2. Superdarkluigi4ever
  3. TheKooperPooper
  4. Bunsbuns11
  5. PokeFire50
  6. NESfanboi (WMM)
  7. Metroid998
  8. SuperKoffee's 1 second tennis match
  9. RoboChaoXX (WMM)
  10. KonXII
  11. RobotComics and evilskittlemonster (Tourney)
  12. GameBop/SuperKoffee and MycroProcessor (Tourney)
  13. JakeSteel/Synamax/SeargentBacon and Kurkop (Tourney)
  14. ChrisGendo and Metzgorrre (Tourney)
  15. Razor
  16. AshcrementVII
  17. CorruptionSound Vs Massivezephyr14 Vs GameBop Vs Sploltoen Vs Metroid998 (WMM)
  18. Sploltoen and CorruptionSound Vs GameBop and trepmaws (Doubles Tourney)
  19. ChibiCyndaquil Vs MonsterSumoable Vs djninjalovemistake Vs StickerBoyTheNextGen Vs Razor Vs Sploltoen Vs GameBop Vs CaptainStringCheese Vs dewmann Vs CorruptionSound
  20. Combuskenisawesome (4th Tourney)
  21. MycroProcessor (4th Tourney)
  22. sanemurzu Vs JowlHog4 Vs Iamoutofideas1 Vs ZACHTOMCAT/NITROCONCRETE1 Vs GabrielCol595/djninjalovemistake Vs Sploltoen (Multiway Tourney)


  1. Piodx's 10 seconds (Round 5/20)
  2. Sploltoen And evilskittlemonster Vs Piodx And Metroid998 (Round 2/16)
  3. Kurkop's 5-way "Sample Text" Match (Round 5/12)
  4. Saba0th (Round 1/6)
  5. HTFFan8500 (Round 3/20)
  6. crazyhtfremixs (Round 2/6)
  7. superniitendofan64 (Round 2/6)

Collabs Participated In[edit]

  1. (McMaNGOS/TheChutley) The 1 Second Collab
  2. (MVJSTRIKES) The 0.10 Second Collab
  3. (BillyMorshu) Music Video Collab
  4. (CorruptionSound) No-Fi - The collaboration about the shitty quality
  5. (McKrazyKing101) The Retarded Infomercial Collab
  6. (Sploltoen) The First Person Shooter Collab
  7. (RoboChaoXX) The Stutter Collab 3
  8. (CreepahWeegie) 1-2 Frames Collaboration III
  9. (iamoutofideas1) The All Out Motherfucking Brain Rape Collab


  • Start Broadqcasting
  • Minus 7 (-7)
  • British Anime
  • >:3 all day, >:3 all night

Other Information[edit]

  • Despises Manchester United deeply
  • A squirrel that's into yiff
  • His favourite powerup is the QUAD DAMAGE
  • He likes a lot of pasta dishes


Other Links[edit]