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Total Drama Island

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.
That's one of the animated reality shows!

Real Facts[edit]

Total Drama Island in a nutshell.

Created By[edit]

  • Fresh TV Inc.

Assisted & Published By[edit]

  • Cake Distribution
  • Xenophile Media
  • Chuck Nor-*gets slapped*

Time Span[edit]

Brief Description[edit]

Total Drama Island is a rather mediocre show on Cartoon Network about twenty-two teens on a Survivor-esque show. In Wawanakwa, the 22 campers face various dangerous challenges, and when someone certain doesn't receive a marshmallow at the bonfire, he or she is sent to the loser boat and goes back home without any reward. It only had 27 episodes in the entire series and the main reason is that new charaters in each season may quickly lose the audience's interest from the producers of this show. And you wanna know what's worse? There's currently a sequel called Total Drama Action, and another one called Total Drama: The Musical World Tour. Excuse me for a second. (Screams so loud that it destroys an entire building.)

There's more. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars.

But on the bright side, the show isn't nearly as bad as Family Guy, or that old Zelda cartoon.

Poop Arguments[edit]


In Sonichero98's poop, the show takes place in Camp Wawawawawa, which is located in Dinosaur World. Two campers have sign up to spend twenty two weeks at a crummy old marshmallow. However, it seems more than that amount came. SonicHero98's Total Pooped Island is now back under the account "Bkobzilla666".


  • Beth (Has some tourettes.)
  • DJ (First words he said were "Sup' Bitches?".)
  • Gwen (Wanted Chris to die, then she wanted to leave, then decided she wanted to stay.)
  • Geoff (He played "I'm a Barbie Girl" on the way to camp.)
  • Lindsay (Called Chris gay once.)
  • Heather (When she took her sunglasses off, for a split second her face turned into Weegee.)
  • Duncan (Likes Rick Astley, and he wants to fuck Heather.)
  • Tyler (Nothing much to say)
  • Harold (Likes to imitate the Floating Mario Head.)
  • Trent (Didn't get used to the camp.)
  • Bridgette (Hits people with her surfboard.)
  • Noah (He has life threatening allergies which no one got.)
  • LeShawna (Someone has a crush on her... but who?!?)
  • Katie & Satie (Thought the camp was a PENIS.)
  • Ezekiel (Likes birds and climbing.)
  • Cody (Likes Lotsa Spaghetti!)
  • Eva (Brought an octarok with her.) {Would come back later on.}
  • Owen (Nothing much to say other than the fact that he has a pancake fetish, and eats a lot.)
  • Courtney (Got infected with Weegee Disease at the end of episode 2.)
  • Justin (Picked because of his PENIS.)
  • Izzy (Just talks fast!) {Would also come back later on... multiple times.}
  • Sierra (Creppy fangirl retard who stalks Cody.)
  • Alejandro (Evil sex machine.)
  • Mr. Coconut (A suprising last minute addition by Owen. He later on died near the end.)
  • Chris McClain or Chris Crocker (Will give Lotsa Lotsa Lotsa Lotsa Spaghetti!)
  • Chef Hatchet (A chef who's from the military.)

First Used By[edit]

  • Total Drama Island: SonicHero98
  • Total Drama Action: Unknown
  • Total Drama World Tour: Unknown
  • Total Drama: Revenge of the Island: Unknown
  • Total Drama All-Stars: YTStaff ComeAtMe

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Fun Facts[edit]

  • Owen has 6 clones of himself.
  • The Chef called Owen an asshole.
  • Rumors say that the Tourettes Guy is Beth's father. And the said rumors are true.


  • Jumping into boiling lava!!
  • The Shit-a-thon.
  • The Slap Chop-a-thon.

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