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Name: Tiffany Ebrum
Appears In: Kirby
Sex: Female
Occupation(s): Cabinet Minister Daughter and Rabble-Rouser
Played By: Kerry Williams

Tiff (or Fumu for those who use the Japanese names) is a character from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! She and her younger brother Tuff take care of Kirby and help him fight King Dedede. After putting up with his schemes for years, she's come to passionately hate Dedede as much as he hates kirby. So much in fact that he can't even accomplish the most mundane tasks without her boycotting out of paranoia, even if his deeds actually prove to be beneficial to Cappy Town society.


Tiff is known for being very loud, obnoxious and pushy. That's why come she hogs the spotlight from Kirby all the time. Tiff is so loud that it manages to destroy all of the glass in Dream Land and make everybody deaf... which really says something, considering that nobody in Kirby even has ears.

Bouncy Tiff[edit]

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Bouncy Tiff in action.

Whenever Tiff needs to seduce somebody into doing what she wants, she transforms into Bouncy Tiff. Bouncy Tiff is so attractive, even gay people and the members of Team Rocket are attracted to her. Unfortunately, there was one incident when it was discovered that "Bouncy Tiff" was really a crane disguising itself as Tiff, and when several 20-year-old men ran up to it, it proceeded to peck the shit out of them. Following this incident, nobody trusts Bouncy Tiff, and Tiff herself no longer uses this form, believing it to be "degrading". However, the spirit of Bouncy Tiff still lives... in the crazy world of the Internet as hentai.


The transformation sequence is starting
  • "The king's up to something. Something sneaky!"
  • "Maybe some people wanna waste their lives watching this shit, but we have better things to do! Right, Kirby?"
  • "Oh no! Daddy, if you watch this junk, it'll rot away your brain cells!"
  • "No, mom, he's evil. You don't know this about him? He has evil schemes. Normal people don't have schemes of any kind!"
  • "Ugh! My parents don't believe it!"
  • "Ugh, I've had toothaches funnier than King Dedede."
  • "I haven't been watching, 'cause I think TV's stupid."
  • "Just 'cause it's on TV doesn't make it true!"
  • "Kirby, suck up everything in this dumb studio!"

Other Information[edit]


  • Finds Dedede's TV show to be so bad, it's good.
  • On the contrary, the rest of the world considers Dedede's show to be the greatest thing ever, next to Bruce Lee and coloured pens.
  • There was a cancelled show starring Tiff in her Bouncy form that never aired due to it's sexiness. A rare clip of the pilot can be seen to the right.
  • Is very quick to blame King Dedede for any mishap that occurs in Dreamland, even without any proof. In one episode, she woke up to an earthquake and immediately blamed Dedede for it.
  • Has never actually been in a Kirby game before. Video game players who use headphones are eternally thankful.
  • When Kirby goes missing, she spends up to three days yelling "KIRBY WHERE ARE YOU" without actually doing anything.
  • Her name rhymes with "yiff." Who would've thunk it?
  • Tiff treats Kirby as if he has a mental disorder.
  • Despite claiming to have a distaste for violence, she is often shown to resort to impulsive fits of it.
  • She and Princess Peach are the only people who won't watch Bowser and Dedede's Rock TV channel.