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The '80s

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.
Like, Youchew in the '80s.
A totally popular toy of the '80s.

Yo, dude! The '80s were, like, the totally awesome decade that was totally situated between the '70s and the '90s. The decade was, like, notable for its, like, totally rad pop-culture, excellent politics (i.e. Ronald Reagan, dude!), and awesome technology (especially the latter part of the decade for politics).

{{#ev:youtube|BJ7NVjZ-Eyg|320}}I so totally ran, dude.
{{#ev:youtube|hs7Jy2y-33A|320}}If you, like, hear this at a ski resort, and everyone is totally wearing bright colours, you're, like, in the '80s, dude!
{{#ev:youtube|TscjsNMvnDg|320}}It's like, totally Super Mario Bros. 3! But, we won't get to play it until the '90s. Major bummer, dude.

In YouTube Poop, the '80s were, like, notable for wicked media such as the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Never Gonna Give you up, You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), and the Windows 1.0 Commercial, dude.

In the '80s, all of the adults were yuppies, that drove their totally awesome BMWs to work in the cities to work in an office, usually in business. The men wore sport coats and moustaches, while the women wore totally massive shoulder pads, and both had balls of steel, as they had to compete with the Japanese. Meanwhile, the tubular teenagers, after Saturday in detention, after 4 tardies in a row, rode their awesome skateboards down to the Mall, where they might spend time at the arcade.

Totally By Year[edit]


  • Many YouTube Poop characters were, like, created in the '80s, dude. Excellent!
  • Many rad songs were, like, made in the '80s, many of which, like, have been used in YouTube Poops.
  • Cranky Kong, like, has many fond memories of this decade, and wants to return to them.
  • Like, there is a show about the '80s on VH1, dude! Gnarly!
  • Perhaps some of the most famous movies of the '80s were, like, written by the excellent John Hughes, who wrote such awesome movies as The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, National Lampoon's Vacation, Weird Science, and, like, others, dude.
  • In addition to the rad movies that were totally made in the '80s, there are, like, newer movies that are totally set in the '80s, dude. Awesome!
  • Ironically, dude, The Village People were totally not ready for the '80s...
  • In the '80s, home computers, like, became totally popular, dudes, making their way, like in to every house, dude, and even film! Totally awesome, dudes!
  • In 198x, some Neo-Nazis totally ressurected Hitler. Bogus, dude! But then a commando came and killed him. Excellent!
  • Like, in the '80s, New Wave was, like, totally popular, as were synthesizers. Like, totally.
  • Unicron's theme music is, like, so totally '80s, with, like, synthesizers and stuff.
  • Like, 2 of the Grand Theft Auto games are totally set in the '80s: Vice City and Vice City Stories, dudes! Tubular!
  • The '80s, like, so totally backlashed against the bogus '60s counterculture with, like, conservatism and patriotism and stuff.
  • In the '80s, this totally insane guy tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. Bogus, dude. But, Ronnie survived the attempted assassination, and totally served 7 more years. Excellent!

How to Totally Tell if You're in the '80s[edit]

  1. Like, find some stranger.
  2. Then, totally ask them what colour Michael Jackson is.
  3. If they say "black", you're, like, in the '80s, dude!

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