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Back to the Future

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Back to the Future is a popular trilogy of movies centered around a DeLorean time machine.

The Movies

Warning: Spoilers ahead.  If you do not see them, you will create a paradox and destroy the universe!

Back to the Future

Back to the Future Part II

  • Doc, Marty and Jennifer go 30 years into the future, in 2015. When they return to 1985, it has become a fucked-up hellhole, so they go to 1955 to fix it.

Back to the Future Part III

3rd movie.
  • Marty goes to 1885 to save the Doc. They then push the DeLorean with a steam locomotive to get it up to 88 MPH, allowing Marty to return to 1985. When Marty returns, the DeLorean is hit by a train.

Used by

The Back To The WTF Cult


  • NS2 has pooped it, multiple times. It is his favorite film of all-time. If someone else didn't make this page he would have done so.
  • The boxer Mr. Sandman's favourite song is featured in the first 2 movies.
  • A (shitty) game based off of the movie was made in 1989 by LJN for the NES, and was famously reviewed by the AVGN.
    • LJN also made a game based off of the other 2 movies on the NES.
    • There was also a Back to the future game on the Sega genesis after the third movie.
    • Toshiba also made a game based off of the 2nd movie in Japan on the Super Famicom. This game, unlike ALL of the others, was actually playable, even if it was a Sonic-clone.
  • A ride also existed. This ride was later shut-down for some reason, much to Emo Luigi's dismay.
  • In Back to the Future part II, Marty McFly plays an arcade version of Wild Gunman. However, an arcade version never existed.
  • Marty McFly is a crack shot, which he has demonstrated twice: while playing Wild Gunman in Back to the Future part II, in the Cafe '80s, and while firing at targets with a Colt Peacemaker in Back to the Future part III.
  • The UCLA-Washington American Football game mentioned in Back to the Future part II actually did occur on that exact date (November 12, 1955), and in fact, the result was indeed 19-17 UCLA. The end of the game was even accurate, with a field goal kicked by Jim Decker to win. Talk about historical accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Hey, Doc, we better back up, we don't have enough roads to get up to 88.
    • Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.