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Sentence-Mixed YTPMV

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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.
{{#ev:youtube|gCes4LGYs_4|320}}HarterStuhligan's masterpiece.

Sentence-Mixed YouTube Poop Music Videos, also called "YTP songs" or "YTP karaoke", are videos in which the words of a character are sentence-mixed to match the background music, usually being an instrumental (karaoke) track of an existing song. Unlike using parts of ready sentences uttered by those characters, however, emphasis is put on creating completely new words or meanings, precisely matching the lyrics of a song - a process of focused word splicing. Poopers that have created more than one of those include: TheChewanater, Moto200, HarterStuhligan.


Although the name "Sentence-Mixed YTPMVs" has been used many times by the general public, it has never been officially coined, and so other names that remain in use are: "YTP song", "YTP karaoke" or "Moto200 Faggotry" (a name originating from the German YTP community, YouTube Kacke, after Moto200's burst of popularity). Some poopers, like MrRoboto113, don't feel the need of separating the genre from regular YTPMV, while others, like cdifreakguy, simply treat it as a temporary fad.

HarterStuhligan and Moto200 suggested a completely new name: SMPKF (Sentence-Mixed Poop Karaoke Faggotry). One advantage is that it includes the reference to other phenomena, such as sentence mixing, YouTube Poop, karaoke, and the German suggestion. The response of other sentence-mixed YTPMV creators was a mix or neutrality with positive reception, with airbrockmann being sceptical at first, suggesting his own name: SMMP (Sentence Mixed Musical Poop), perhaps adding another 'P' for 'Parody'. Later he admitted that SMPKF is all right with him and that he would support it if other people would.


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In September 2010, Moto200, feeling that he was unjustly called the creator of the genre, began to look for its beginning. The following is the data gathered by him by examining links between videos and messaging with their creators.

2008: The Purple Rabbit and the Rick of Astley[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|nMCM-_0iSF0|320}}This is probably where it began.

WalrusGuy, a pooper who is now inactive, used to attract masses by his unconventional (yet appealing to mainstream) style of pooping. The video: "Mama Luigi Leaves the Stove On" is probably the first poop that contains a character (in this case, Dr. Rabbit) singing a longer portion of a known song (in this case, "What What In the Butt") using his own voice. As WalrusGuy himself stated:

"I was definitely the first person to make a YTP character sing a song entirely in his own voice.
I'm afraid I don't remember if another person had made a character sing while using other character's
voices for syllables, but I was definitely the first to do so for any length of time."

While the exact original date of upload of "Mama Luigi Leaves..." is forgotten due to machines' natural antagonism to man, somewhere in 2008 a similar video was uploaded by WalrusGuy: "ラビット博士のチョコレート塩辛いボール" (translation: "Dr. Rabbit's chocolate salty balls").

On October 14, 2001, Spritanium uploaded his own Dr. Rabbit song - the "RabbitRoll". The Colgate mascot singing Rick Astley's immortal musical hit spawned a successful video, yet Spritanium doesn't claim himself as a pooper and never made a video in a similar technique.

The last quarter of 2008 brought three direct video responses: "Strong Bad Roll" by masterofhomestar (24 Oct 2008), "Dr. Rabbit's Chocolate Rain" by roflcoptersoysoy (2 Dec 2008) and "Richer Roll'd" by TheChewanater (31 Dec 2008). While roflcoptersoysoy's Chocolate Rain twist brought no responses, both masterofhomestar and TheChewanater managed to create two new branches. Masterofhomestar provided three new videos, giving each a tile "Strong Bad Sings: ...", replacing Dr. Rabbit with StrongBad and introducing more variety in the choice of background music. Meanwhile, TheChewanater's flagship character was Morshu. While his expanded "Richer Roll'd by TheChewanater" was becoming more and more popular, he made Morshu sing in early 2009 in "Morhu Show - The Musical" and "About Link Now by TheChewanater". His videos are probably the first sentence-mixed YTPMVs with original, dedicated visuals.

Throughout the first quarter of 2009, other individual folks were crazy adding new responses to RabbitRoll and Richer Roll'd, all basing on Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up".

2009 and beyond: Taking things out and spinning them around[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|gxJV1b1m9jA|320}}Moto200's "Take King Out".

Completely independent from any of the videos mentioned in three of the above paragraphs, Moto200 stumbled upon "ラビット博士のチョコレート塩辛いボール" and felt inspired. January 24, 2009 was the date of upload of a video he was to be forever associated with, and to which he would owe much of his current popularity. "Take King Out" was an instant success. It was a "cover" of the rock hit "Take Me Out" by The Franz Ferdinand. Since neither Moto200 nor many of his viewers were familiar with the Spritanium-masterofhomestar-TheChewanater branch, "Take King Out" was considered a breakthrough and ended in many video responses, though not right away. In May, Moto200 made a YTPMV with the same technique - "You Spin Me Around Here".

Another boost of popularity was needed, and that was provided by Moto200's "Sing Like The King" from July 9th, 2009. It was original in a way that both the background music and visuals were made completely from scratch. Yet the sentence mixing was present, in a less complicated form. First to respond was HarterStuhligan, with "Harkinescence: Bring King to Life" (1 Sep 2009). Quality sentence mixing and impressive visuals surpassing Moto200's work brought the video popularity, and the skill of the German pooper would once again be revealed in 2010.

In December 2009, MrRoboto113 briefly joined the fun and created "Take Meen Out", replacing The King with I.M. Meen. In the future, the infamous librarian would also perform "You Spin Me Round" (videos by ComradeMorshu and SpotxSpot). In April 2010, cs188 aided Billy Mays in singing, creating "Take Mays Out".

{{#ev:youtube|m73qRnCsdFM|320}}"Harkinescence: Bring King To Life" by HarterStuhligan

While further responses appeared, such as "The King Has Dinner Sex" (by TreeImpedimate) and "Gwonam’s Fun House" (by mebamme); Moto200 was working on a cover of "Do You Want To", another Franz Ferdinand song. It was uploaded on October 29th, 2009, featuring more sophisticated visuals than the previous videos. Moto200 then made one more sentence-mixed YTPMV based on the band's songs and continues making others up to this day. More or less responses pop up here and there.

{{#ev:youtube|9030_o3XkMg|320}}"The King is Still Alive" by Mighteyes

In March 2010, HarterStuhligan returned with: "GWoNAM has not died yet which means that he is still alive" - with the background music being the lyricless track of the cult song "Still Alive" from Valve's video game "Portal" and the performing character none other than Gwonam. Not only the sentence mixing was remarkable - the surrealistic style similar to the works of mandanonymous raised the video to the very pinnacle of the genre. A response was made by Mighteyes, called: "The King is still alive".

Another modern pooper, airbrockmann, released two YTPMVs in May, the latter of which was: "The King Sings The Star Spangled Banner". This is the first time when a YTP character truly sings a national anthem using sentence mixing (as opposed to, say, Sonic the Hedgehog in Deepercutt's videos).

TheDarkRises created "im nickelback", a video that slightly altered the lyrics of the introduction from I.M. Meen, in September 2011. This video was followed shortly after by HarvestmanMan's "I.M. Green (Feat. Freddie Mercury)", which matched most of the words in said introduction with lyrics from over 40 Green Day songs.



In order to make a sentence-mixed YouTube Poop Music Video, two basic sources are needed: a karaoke/instrumental track of a song and a speaking character. The former may either be an official instrumental version or third-party cover for a karaoke machine system (those can be found on YouTube, accompanied by lyrics), or a MIDI version of a song. Using software that enables layering multiple audio tracks, usually video editing programs like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere, the character's words are very precisely cut, trimmed and altered to form new words (see: Sentence Mixing). The resulting lyrics are then synched to the background music.

Recently, Moto200 has been additionally using Melodyne to achieve naturally-sounding pitch shifting of the sentence-mixed lyrics (see: "Dinnership Bois – Love Makes the Word Go Round").

The freeware singing synth UTAU can be used to make sentence-mixed YTPMVs. You must input samples of phonemes from the source into a database, then make your song in a piano roll interface. Ninjamitsuki is known to use this method. A Japanese UTAU voice bank of King Harkinian based on moto200's Japanese sentence mixing template can be downloaded here(Example


{{#ev:youtube|ACCsSpEbuAc|320}}TheChewanater likes it Flashy

The above method of audio editing produces a few side effects. Firstly, as a character is sentence-mixed, as long as his/her audio and video clips are grouped together, the new words are accompanied by quickly-skipping video footage showing the character. It not only shows the sophistication of the cuts made to the material, but also fills in the blank video layer, and in some instances creates the illusion of lip-syncing.

Another side effect, used by Moto200, is that a karaoke video downloaded off YouTube already contains lyrics, perfectly synchronised to the song. The area of the video that contains them may be layered onto the final video, serving as subtitles. The presence of titles in a sentence-mixed YTPMV should not be underestimated, as sentence-mixing does not provide 100% clear audio. Viewers unfamiliar with the original song rely on the combination of audio and displayed lyrics. Also, due to processes that would take a degree in neurobiology to understand, people's attention is riveted away from the eventual carelessness in sentence-mixing.

If not taking advantage from the above methods, one can also find a moment in the footage when a character is talking, and simply replace the audio with the sentence-mixed lyrics.

TheChewanater was probably the first to use custom visuals (Richer Roll'd). They often double the effort one has to make to finish his/her video, but the end result may be breathtaking, as in HarterStuhligan's "GWoNAM has not died yet which means that he is still alive".

Alternative methods[edit]

While the general formula is: lyricless version of a known song + exactly matching lyrics, there have been variations, which still can be qualified as sentence-mixed YTPMVs. These include:


{{#ev:youtube|pAzQmf2_w8E|320}}"You're gay, Roboto!"
{{#ev:youtube|5P-HctwFU6U|320}}Some people still wait for the promised Jackson.
{{#ev:youtube|IIgM3tVF1Jc|320}}Just in case it's the middle of July.

Based on "Never Gonna Give You Up"[edit]

Based on "Take Me Out"[edit]

Based on "You Spin Me Round"[edit]

Based on "Still Alive"[edit]



The following list contains YouTube usernames of people who posted more than one sentence-mixed YTPMV. Some of them do not consider themselves poopers.

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