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Heruru Meruru

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) karitheninja has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!

In brief[edit]

"Look at this loser and her JRPGs" -Tumblr profile.

Heruru Meruru, formerly NinjaMitsuki and before that karitheninja, is a female pooper that makes YTPS sporadically. She also sings, streams, voice acts, and makes Vocaloid and UTAU covers. She is obsessed with the anime/manga Trigun/Trigun Maximum, Digimon (especially Tamers) as well as the Lunar series of video games (and the JRPG genre in general), and fangirls over Vash the Stampede. She is the founder of a new style of poops, Vocaloid poops, poops using the Vocaloid program. She also uses UTAU to create sentence mixed YTPMVs.


Heruru Meruru first discovered poops in Spring of 2007 when searching for a clip of Mandark's Laugh from Dexter's Laboratory. She discovered a Dexter's Lab poop and thought it was hilarious.

Soon, she discovered other poops, most of them Spongebob, Mama Luigi, and CD-i. She thought these were hilarious, but, being a n00b at the time, thought that every poop HAD to have Mama Luigi and CD-i references in it. Of course, she discovered Youchew in spring of 2008 and learned that those things were overused. She continued to watch poops, mainly Walrusguy, which she was a fanbrat of at the time.

She didn't actually start making poops until January of 2009, with Trauma Center: Under Millions Knives. Of course, not knowing any better, the poop was over 8 minutes long, contained a few overused memes and CD-i quotes, and tons of unedited footage. Later, she started becoming better. The point when she started improving was at a poop that got removed from youtube, which used Axis Powers Hetalia as a source, which tried to balance effects and humor. Her poop after the next poop, "Kyle Had Too Much of the Wimmins", was her first attempt at some sentence mixing, and she looked at the first poop she saw for inspiration, by using certain repeated clips.

During the summer of '10, her original account, karitheninja, was suspended. Her new account is ninjamitsuki. Her poops are once again starting to improve. She goes through ocassional periods of pooper's block. Her poops are very short, most of them under a minute long. In addition to making YTP, she also does singing and voice acting, as well as UTAU and Vocaloid covers. She still makes sentence mixed YTPMVs using UTAU. Starting in the late 10s she resumed making YTP sporadically. In 2020 she started producing poops much more frequently.

In November 2013 she created her first animutation, and the first animutation in Sony Vegas. In 2015 she changed her general online handle from NinjaMitsuki to "Heruru Meruru" (sometimes "Melange Gel") because she felt the old username was an eyesore, and to distance herself from the dumb things she did under that alias. As of 2017 Digimon appears to be her new favorite source.

First poop seen[edit]

The Muffin Fetish Reupload here

First poop made[edit]

Trauma Center: Under Millions Knives - right


Visually minimalistic. In her own words, she tries to create poops that you can close your eyes and just listen to and still laugh.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Trigun
  • Digimon
  • Pokemon
  • Slayers
  • Cutscenes from the Lunar series
  • Video game cutscenes in general
  • Commercials
  • 90's Cartoons
  • The Vocaloid editor
  • Anime in general

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Stuttering
  • Pitch Shifting
  • Word Splicing
  • Repetition
  • Playing multiple instances of the same word one after another
  • Redundancy
  • Having a character say lines from a different source that has the same voice actor
  • Exploiting unintentionally funny parts in sources

Preferred Tech[edit]

  • Sony Vegas 11
  • Goldwave for audio effects
  • Vocaloid4 for Vocaloid Poops


  • Excessive Ear Rape (fine with it if used sparingly with proper comedic timing)
  • Tennis (She just can't get into it)
  • People who say that Cammy has a better ass than Vash.


She is only remotely notable for being the only person to make "poop" using the Vocaloid3 editor. She was also the first to create a derivative voice bank of King Harkinian for UTAU.


Her first poop was terrible, and most of her other poops are nothing to write home about and are known for usually being less than a minute long. Also, on Youchew, once upon a time she was often criticized for shoehorning her hyperfixations into EVERYTHING, but has since calmed down.


She is the founder of Vocaloid poop, and so far, is the only person to make them. These Vocaloid poops have gained critical reception for originality. She was also the first to use UTAU for YTPMV purposes. More recently, she has carved out a niche and gained a cult following for her Lunar poops.



Poops from her new account and reuploaded poops[edit]

Other Information[edit]


  • She has made four UTAU characters and voice banks
  • Vash is her eternal husbando
  • She is Jewish
  • Her favorite Vocaloid is Oliver
  • In 2015 she changed her handle to "Heruru Meruru", which is a play on her real name, "Hell Mel" (a character from Lunar) and Atelier Meruru.
  • Also goes by "Melange Gel", an item in the Tales Of series that sounds very similar to her real name.
  • She changes her avatar and signature every month.
  • On every website she is active on except Youchew, MyAnimeList, Project-iMAS, and Utaforum, her avatar or icon is always Lucia from Lunar Eternal Blue.
  • The Lunar games just might be her "third big obsession" along with Trigun and Vocaloid/UTAU.
  • ...And Digimon just might be her fourth.
  • She has memorized Vash's full name.
  • She has recently taken up a hobby in singing and voice acting.
  • Most of her poops are less than a minute long.
  • The reason why so many of her Trigun poops focus on Wolfwood is because she finds Jeff Nimoy's delivery of his lines in the English dub funny.
  • Actually owns a Vash body pillow
  • She really is Lucia, I swear.
  • Loves the JRPG genre dearly.
  • Favorite Pokemon are Dragonair, Suicune, and Yamper
  • Favorite Digimon are Renamon and Beelzemon
  • Favorite Monster Rancher monsters are Antlans, Tigers, Rippers, and Zuums.
  • Only Youchew member to use Vocaloid, but not the only one to use UTAU.
  • Loves all "mons" series. Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, they're all great. Monster Rancher (games only) and Digimon Tamers are her favorites, though.
  • Once she tried to bury the butt, but the butt will not be buried.
  • She wrote all of these bullet points.