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Ohio is a state in the Midwest that only has 2 major water resources: the Ohio River and Lake Erie.

Major Cities

  • Columbus (biggest city, also the capital)
  • Dayton
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Zanesville

Poopers From Ohio

Characters from Ohio


  • The only reason to go here would to be at Cedar Point.
  • Most of its biggest cities are in the western area, like Dayton and Cincinnati.
  • Twinned with Saitama Prefecture in Japan, which is north of Tokyo.
  • Is the primary home of Honda Motor Company's US operations, hosting both the US headquarters and most of the manufacturing base, with plants in Marysville, Anna, and East Liberty.
    • This is actually the primary reason for Ohio's sister state relationship with Saitama, which also has a large presence by Honda.