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Name: Ayamu "Osaka" Kasuga
Appears In: Azumanga Daioh
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation(s): Student

Ayamu Kasuga, more uniformly known by her nickname, Osaka, may in fact be one of the most dangerous character in the entire world of Youtube Poop. Don't be fooled by her airheaded demeanor; it's just a facade she uses to hide the fact that she worships Satan.


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  • Appears retarded on first glance, but is, in fact, insane.
  • Is the leader of the church of Satan, or at least wants you to believe this.
  • Staring into her eyes may cause insanity.
  • She's named after a city in Japan!
  • In the English dub, she's got a southern accent.
  • Maxillos79 hates her. why? because.


  • "Sata Andagiiii!"
  • "Satan!"
  • "Oh mai gah!"
  • "I got dog poo under my shoe."