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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png Pixuyx is a retired Poop Tennis player.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!
User.jpg  This article is about Pixuyx, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.

An avid tennis player best known for his destructive tennis style, retired to being a YTPMVer/音MAD author.

In Brief

Pizz is a 15-year-old ex-pooper that stared in 2015 and left in 2017 to make ytpmv.


I discovered YTP when I was looking for the Australian M rating on YouTube, later finding the YTP "Cube (Rated M for Mature)", he later came into the scene by submitting an entry to laromande's cutoff collab. He later actually started by entering UltraJooshFunStuff's AoStH collab (which failed). After a while, I wanted to try tennis, so I decided to start his career by having a tennis match w/ DTN7758. I got better and better at YTP/tennis several months later.

departure into the YTPMV/音MAD community

I knew about YTPMV, but I didn't know about 音MAD until i met a user named perry on youtube and twitter in september 2016

After 2016, I didn't feel like making anymore YTP/tennis videos. In fact, I felt like making YTPMV and/or 音MAD videos.

In August 2017, I privated everything YTP/tennis-related on my main channel, since i didn't want to be known for that. I did reupload some YTPs from that channel in my 3rd alt though.

In December 2017, I stopped doing YTP and tennis entirely after uploading my last video

First poop seen

Cube (Rated M for Mature)

First poop made


He has an extremely hyper YTP/tennis style.

Preferred Sources

  • Anything, really.

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software



  • Go!Animate (Hates it because of the butthurt children, He also hates the factions there [VGCP, UTTP, etc])
  • Greeny Phatom.
  • Idiots
  • Go!Animate fanboys (no, just no.)
  • 4Kids






  • Has tennised other good tennisers before retiring.


  • Has autism
  • Speaks spanish too.


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