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Greeny Phatom

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Name: Greeny Phatom
Country of Origin: Unknown
Type of Source: Webshow
Created By: Robert Stainton
Year Created: 2009

First Poop: 2009


A web show that began in 2009 on YouTube, although it supposedly began in 1995 on Fox, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, etc. It used to be unpopular, but logo fans and little kids watch this and find it entertaining. It has quite a lot of episodes for something that began in 2009 with an estimated amount of over 2,000 episodes. The deviantART community attempted to destroy this show and wipe out any evidence it existed. That plan backfired and eventually the community over there pretty much got sick of making fun of the show. It contains several references to copyrighted material (a fascination with British TV show Bananas in Pajamas is among the more notable references) and thus could never be a real TV show.

The series has spawned multiple spinoffs. The ones officially uploaded by creator Robert Stainton are Gree City, Dr. Beanson and Bananas in Pajamas Super Show.


The old Greeny Phatom channel had 1k subs when it ACTUALLY had a fanbase. However, it killed the minds of many fans for its bad animation (although its mostly a slideshow more recent episodes have the character's mouths move at best, and some people have created a fully animated version of the pilot episode) and character design, horrible (AT&T TTS & Speakonia) voice actors, unfunny jokes, dumb plots, and its REALLY stupid and retarded fanbase.

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of Source: Web show
  • Creators: Robert Stainton
  • Dates: 2009-2014
  • Country of Origin: USA


  • Little Guy - NOT little, the same size as all Greeny Phatom characters. But he has a little dick.
  • Dr. Beanson - Not a human version of Dr. Rabbit.
  • Doctor - Dr. Beanson without a mustache.
  • Beanson - OK, get some originality here.
  • Gree Guy - Little Guy's evil counterpart. Also the star of his own series: Gree City.
  • Countless others.


{{#ev:youtube|NM7L_-o4OAE|320}}Yeaaaah... so many...

So many.


Not a very popular source, but it has been known to occasionally been used by TheYTPMaker1000 and is frequently used by Ashleii.

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greenyphatom2009/2009greenyphatom (The creator of this show. We're not shitting you.)

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