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Larry Koopa

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Name: Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa
Appears In: Super Mario Brothers 3, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World
Sex: Yes, please.
DOB: 1980 (age 43–44)
Occupation(s): Man-whore/Nazi
Played By: James Rankin (AoSMB3, SMW cartoon), Lani Minella (New SMB Wii)

Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa is one of King Koopa's sons.


You know it's Larry if he's...

  • Plotting Mario and Luigi's downfall.
  • Telling Monty Moles to stand there.
  • Hanging out with a Koopa with a pink purple shell with sunglasses named Roy Koopa.
  • He is a poseur.
  • His erection lasts more than 4 hours.
  • Humping football players.
  • Raping the floor.
  • Eavesdropping
  • Saying "Cum" over and over.
  • Gushing about his shiny eyelids.
Larry , after taking a little boy's last dime.
Larry being stupid and happy.


Liked By[edit]

Disliked By[edit]

  • Let's just say everyone else and call it a day


  • The cheatsy life is lots of fun. LOTS OF FUN.
  • His cum apprently looks and feels like snow.
  • He claims that he can lick his elbow. This has not yet been proven.
  • He appears to have been working with Adolf Hitler.
  • He is the Emperor of Eavesdropping, a title he obtained in 1984 at the age of 4, after the previous Emperor of Eavesdropping died of unknown causes.
  • Larry's orgasm can cause an earthquake. This has been proven by the OCA (Orgasmic Cum Association).
  • He has lung cancer and Prostate Cancer, as well as bladder control problems.
  • He is a reincarnated Hauptsturmführer (Captain) of the SS that was hanged at the end of WWII by Polish troops.
  • Is currently a follower of the Yoshi regime.
    • If the regime takes power, he shall have the position of First Lord of the Treasury.
  • Owner of the Chillton Hotel, which is built in a mine full of ice.
  • Has been accused of raping The Princess at his Koopa Hotel (The Chilton Hotel). But come on, who wouldn't want to rape her?
  • He once saw his sister, Wendy O. having sex with Casanova Koopa. He is currently in therapy because of it.
  • His favourite class in Team Fortress 2 is the Spy.
  • He can't tell the difference between Luigi and Weegee.
  • Owns the Electrodrome, an electronic dance club.

Memorable Quotes[edit]

  • AT LAST! My time has come!
  • That's a relief...if it was pesky plumbers, we'd REALLY be in trouble.
  • I am the emperor of eavesdropping!
  • Don't just help him! STAND THERE!
  • You think those Dodos would've learned from me!
  • The only way you guys are gonna save the egg is by shopping at the Koopamart!
  • Take these prisoners to the dungeon, while we decide what to do with Mr. Koopa's Neighborhood.