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Brief Summary[edit]

VSDC is a free video editing software that provides a complete, non-linear editing experience. It has 2 variants: Free & Pro. The Pro version costs $20 per year.

What's the difference between Free & Pro?[edit]

The pro version includes...

  • Proper Masking
  • Proper Chroma Key/Green Screen
  • Better render quality (Sub-Pixel Resolution)
  • More options for already free features


  • Completely free right out of the box
  • Incredibly lightweight: Only 46.5 MB [As of 5.8.7]
  • Works on even the most low-end computers
  • Constantly updated with new features
  • Good customer support
  • In most cases, the editor provides free alternatives to paid features.
  • Renders videos pretty fast even without Hardware Acceleration


  • No Hardware Acceleration in the free version
  • UI looks like it came out of fucking Microsoft Office 2010
  • Not friendly to newcomers even with their support
  • No In-Editor preview. It opens up fucking Windows Media Player
  • Any version below 5.8.5 is pretty much unusable
  • It's practically impossible to crack an up-to-date Pro version

Poopers who use this software[edit]

Official Site[edit]

VSDC Official Site