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Santa Mario

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Here we see Santa Mario being fucked by Yoshi. Oh, and if you're viewing this in Firefox, it should be funny.
Beware of Koopa Claus, who's the false Santa Claus of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Santa Mario is a form of Mario who appeared in the Super Mario World episode "The Night Before Cave Christmas". He looks identical to Mario except that he wears a Santa's hat and a fake beard. Santa Mario also likes having buttsecks with Yoshi, but he can become angry if Yoshi doesn't push hard enough. Santa Mario also has an evil laugh. Luigi once told Santa Mario not to wear his outfit in Brooklyn, causing him to go there naked.


  • Is a fatass but not as fat as Fat Mario.
  • Likes having sex with Yoshi.
  • Made Oogtar promise to be a good, gay boy for the rest of his life. Oogtar kept the promise.
  • Hates Koopa, whom he considers a contemptible corpuscle.
  • He won't go on a diet.
  • Once got booed at and hit by snowballs by the entire city of Philadelphia.
  • Wikipedia claims that Santa Mario is a real form of Mario.
  • Was a bambino... er, um, a boy himself once.
  • Tells only the good kids to be good.
  • Delivers toys to children in exchange for their souls.
  • Is friends with Robotnikclaus
  • He gave the gay, retarded, cave children toys, but not the Koopa kids, when the Koopa kids are a heck of a lot more worthy of toys than the cave kids.
  • He prefers Coke over all other drinks, besides milk.
  • He thinks he's going to be an absurdity of St. Louis.
  • It's sad for him to think that not everyone gets nice to each other on the holidays.
  • He originally wants all the kids to get lots of trees, but the Cave People booed that idea, so he was forced to give them toys.