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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

Dave-K (formerly known as Dave Klasnakov) is a YouTube Pooper that produced his first Poop in 2014 and has since been welcomed into The Rosen Community.


Despite discovering YTP as early as '08, it wasn't until late 2013 that he started to love it. He had started a YouTube Channel in early 2013, mostly compromising of gameplay funtage videos with iMovie, and in 2014, he obtained his own iMac and moved to Final Cut Pro X. His first YTP, 'Proper Professional' received a small yet positive reception (533 views as of December 2015), his second YTP 'F***ING FROGS' was accepted into Frozen Cereal's 'E3 2014' Collab and has reached over 7,000 views. By his third YTP, he was noticed by Rosen Community members, saying he had the potential to be a great pooper. From early 2015, his subscriber count was Approximately at 90. By the end of 2015, he had reached almost 1300.

Due to University and numerous IRL issues the number of YTPs he's produced have dwindled greatly, as is the case with any pooper that eventually grows out of YTPs, but he still makes an effort and hangs out with his friends in the community. He occasionally shitposts and, in rare occasions, enters collabs. From 2016 onwards, he aims to conclude his channel with a story YTP unlike any other, even if only in trailer form. 'Tower' as it's been teased, looks to push his cinematic aesthetic to new heights.

First poop seen[edit]

Video has believed to of been taken down, earliest other poop being 'Youtube Poop Bobsponge and Rickpat's Parasitic Pet Worm'

First poop made[edit]

Youtube Poop: Proper Professional'


Often Fast Paced, with a 'Cinematic' influence throughout.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Videogames
  • Trailers
  • Films
  • Michael Rosen (occasionally)

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Masking/Chroma Keying
  • Pan/crop
  • Lensflares
  • Pitch Shift
  • Reversing
  • Scrambling
  • Stutter Loop
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Story Based Poop (occassionally)
  • Subliminal Images/ text
  • Sus
  • Tech Text

Preferred Software[edit]

Final Cut Pro X After Effects Photoshop



  • Originality
  • Effort
  • Collabs
  • Ambition
  • Big Projects
  • High-Fidelity videos
  • Datamoshing.
  • Trying new things
  • Adding/ trying new twists.
  • Comic Timing
  • Helpful criticism
  • Anything cinematic (eg action, horror, adventure)


  • Films: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Thriller, Horror.
  • Games: Excludes sports, card/board games and retro RPGs.
  • Music: Rock, Soundtrack, Metal, Classical. Includes most variants.


  • Excessive use of Spadinner.
  • Slow paced YTPs.
  • Stale YTPs.
  • Ruining everyone's fun.
  • Poop Stealing (or lack of credit)
  • Little to no editing in long sequences.
  • Excessive Ear Rape (when not comically funny.)
  • Overly explicit images.
  • Spam, out of context comments.
  • Unfair/ignorant criticism.
  • Joke Stealing (unless accidental or comical/referential)
  • YouTube updates
  • YouTube's Copyright system.



  • Infrequent uploading or long waits between each video.
  • Compared to by many commenters as the "Michael Bay of YTP". While intended and accepted as compliments, he intends to differ from his style.
  • Raised the bar with 'The Rosen Venture Part 7', resulting in extremely high expectations for future parts.
  • Making two april fools videos trollin both fans of GTA Top Gear and The Rosen Venture.
  • Dozzyrok commented "HEY FUCKING DIE" on his 'Dogeward' video (Nice way to introduce yourself, ey?). Dave deleted the comment, but hasn't forgotten...

Achievements (in no order)[edit]

  • Gained over 1000 subscribers within the course of a single year.
  • Short Shia LaBeouf video went briefly viral (in Russia for whatever reason), surpassing 250,000 views.
  • Co-Host of Tom Matthews' 'GTA Top Gear' web series until November 2015.
  • Assisted the more popular SerialK86 in producing and advertising the second 'I Love Videogames' Collab, in which Dave also submitted an entry. He later Co-Hosted with SerialK86 for the first and is rumoured to assist with the fourth.
  • Invited by DrHotelMario to make Part 7 of his ongoing 'Rosen Venture' Series when RandomAxe dropped out.
  • 'YTP: The Rosen Venture (Part 7)' was highly praised throughout the Rosen Community.
  • DrHotelMario's reaction to the final draft ranged from "It literally felt like a movie" to "omg this made me cum".
  • (For a coursework piece) he successfully contacted Kevan Brighting, who plays the narrator in the hit-cult game 'The Stanley Parable' to do some narration. He has since used the same lines for other projects.
  • Second ever YTP was accepted into Frozen Cereal's 'E3 2014' Collab.
  • Was invited to join EmpLemon's group NWO (New World Order) but later decided to drop out before they went public.
  • Outside YTP, he received his secondary school's 'Howard Cave Memorial Cup' for Art, for being the best GCSE Art Student.

Friends and associates (in no order whatsoever)[edit]

  • StudiosOfAwesome
  • TrailerPoopers
  • Aerodynamic Watermelon
  • TenPinChameleon
  • Biodegradable
  • NoiceDrinkz
  • MadMothz
  • Are109
  • RonMad
  • ThePlamzJoker
  • DrHotelMario
  • SerialK86
  • RootNegativeSixteen
  • 256PiAlternate
  • Damonater1234/Ziggs03
  • TheCally56
  • RandomAxe
  • SeanKeogh1991/FameForSale (The first Rosen Community member to notice him, introduced him to the community overtime.)
  • SonicHaXD
  • MasterJoJ
  • KNIGH7
  • DizzyingKaleidoscope
  • Nex_
  • Poops4TheWorld
  • Nintendom64
  • Glitchyshadow19
  • Sixtyforce YTP
  • Psyneku
  • Wrzeszcz100
  • Kulu
  • RyanYTP
  • Babchak
  • Mighteyes
  • Blasulz1234

Influences and/or Favourites[edit]

It's Important to also note that not all of his influences/favourites are YTPers and that most of the YTPers on the list he learned about/took influence from overtime and not immediately.

  • Myoelectric (Original/Prime Influence)
  • Legojake94
  • DasBoSchitt
  • AnOddCreator
  • Yabakgibumpti
  • SerialK86
  • Frozen Cereal
  • hoffy1138
  • Mad Mothz
  • Kitty0706
  • TheGamingLemon
  • cartoonlover98


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