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Chad Warden

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Name: Chadwardenn
Appears In: Youtube
Sex: Male
Nationality: Filipino
Occupation(s): Playstation 3 Fanboy/Gay Nigga
Played By: Charley M. Warden

Sir Charley M. Warden is quite possibly the greatest man/troll who ever walked the face of the Earth. He participated in some missionary work a while back, spreading the belief that the PS TRIPPLE is better than the Wii and Xbox 360.

On March 13, 2007 Chad Wardenn posted a vlog video Why PS3 is better than the Wii and 360 in which he used his laid back urban street talk to discuss the difference between the consoles. It was an unremarkable video and yet it hit the crest of the wave youtube users were seeking more information about said machines.

As of March 30, 2008, practically an entire year after doing his video for the Playstation 3, he did one more video that involved him going to a place that serves sushi and hanging out with his friends. Nothing worth of value was involved in that video, other that an illusion of him sucking dick. Nowadays, however, we have no clue what he's doing at all and he's presumed to be dead at this point to the Internet. That being said, a new picture of him surfaced on the internet in 2013, proving that he is alive.



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Demoman after watching Chad Warden talking about how the Playstation 3 is better then the Xbox 360 & the Nintendo Wii.


Ever since that video, there has been a rumor that Chad got killed by some pissed off German kid who thought his videos suck ass. Caught on the German Kid's CCTV was him taking a keyboard and whacking Chad to death. Strangely, Chad's body has never been found, if he was killed that is. [1]

Another video shows the same kid shooting Chad Warden's face. Chad Warden dies afterwards.[[2]]

However, in 2013, it was proven that he is actually still alive.



  • chinese food
  • Tru Niggas
  • Ps Triple
  • His Caddy
  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Sushi
  • His Slick Black Hair
  • Dealing Dough
  • Kaz Hirai
  • Giant enemy crabs
  • Parties with shrooms.
  • Rappers Fighting
  • 50 Cent
  • Lil' Jon
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Well, that about sums it up.



  • "Bitches... 'Sup, bitches? ...It's Chad Warden here!"
  • "I'm talking about that PSTriple... the PSTriple... I ain't talking about that Wii!"
  • "Come on, now... Wii?! Come on, like... that little controller; that looks like a dildo!"
  • "I ain't trying to play my games... with no dil... do!"
  • "Maybe if the game is like... you know... Wario Ware... shove it up 'yo own ass game!"
  • "Man, they best rename that shit to "GAYLO 3"!"
  • "Fuck Gears of War! More like Tears of War!"
  • "Devil May Cry 4... Chad Warden don't give a fuck! 'Aight? Let that nigga cry!"
  • "Everyone knows that girls can't do shit other than suck dick!"
  • "We ain't doing geometry! WE'RE TRYING TO PLAY SOME GAMES!"
  • "Devil May... Run-Up-On-A-Nigga!"
  • "ABAP means "As Ballin' As Possible"..."

Fun Facts

  • Chad Warden was once nominated as Biggest Douche in the Universe, and he won, narrowly beating John Edwards.
  • Catchphrase is, "Man's best friend, huh?" Coined after he got fed up with every single dog he meets biting his Penis.
  • Has a crush on Gaspra, who is obviously way too good for him.
  • His biggest fantasy is to have sex with Kaz Hirai, even though Kaz is no nigga.
  • He aint talkin' about dat Wii.
  • When he says Action 52, he says it as "AC-shit fitty 2".
  • He most likely downloaded Final Fantasy VII and probably Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 off the Playstation 3's Playstation Network.
  • Knows the secret ingredients to Bad Medicine. However, before he could escape with them, he was shot by one of Yoshi's employees.

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