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A bird, But not Gwonam's.
Here we have a bird looking around this page.

The birds of Koridai have been under attack by the evil forces of Ganon for years. Nowadays, they are either singing, burning, dying, pooping, having sex, or are threatened by the sight of your face. However, the sight of birds has suprisingly increased ever since 2007, so they've been good enough to get a category.

Gwonam's Love For The Birds[edit]

Gwonam seems to care for the birds a lot. He always brings them up and was worried when they were put on the endangered species list after they were the Hyrulian dinner special for two years and were under siege by Goronu, Sleepy Bones and Ganon's minions. Gwonam is a strong supporter of the birds although Zelda, Link and Ganon still enjoy burning birds for Dinner.

Endangered Status[edit]

Close to extinction. Only 76 birds remain throughout the lands of Koridai, Hyrule and Gamelon. This could explain why they are always fucking. They no longer reside in the Mushroom Kingdom. The birds are not affected by AIDS but are hunted and killed because they tend to poop on the King of Hyrule.

George's Birds[edit]

A whole other species of birds live near George The Volcano. These birds are planning to migrate to Koridai to interbreed because they are tired of being drenched by George's eruptions of Volcanicity. They are especially tasty George says.

Lum's Love For The Birds[edit]

Lum Invader is very fond of the birds, and she even has the ability to communicate with them.

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His birds are singing. Isn't it beautiful?

Stegblob The Pigeon[edit]

Local resident Stegblob the pigeon prefers to have no association with the Birds. He will poop on you if you say otherwise.

The Byrds[edit]

The Byrds are unrelated to actual birds. However, they are Gwonam's favorite band to him to listen to, so I might as well put something down here. The Byrds are a band similar to the Beatles, the Eagles, and the Monkees. They've created a few hit songs such as Turn, Turn, Turn and Mr. Tamborine Man (Featuring Bob Dylan), but that's all I can give for you.

The Bird Is The Word[edit]

It's the greatest song of all time.

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