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Iago sheepishly grins at the glare of Jafar.

Iago is parrot from the film Aladdin who likes to talk loudly. He does not like Daffy Duck as Daffy's constant "woo-hoo"-ing drives him crazy. Iago also has a hatred towards Gwonam because of his false claims of the birds being evil. Iago, with the help of Jafar, is trying to prove him wrong, but so far Gwonam has defended himself with the help of King Harkinian's political connections.


  • "That's Sultan Vile Betrayer to you!"
  • "This is bullshit, Jafar!"
  • "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that hurt!!"


  • Some say that he ended up reincarnating as an actor named Gilbert Gottfried.
    • He ended up being in the infomercial for the Shoe Dini, which is a shoehorn on a stick. He even commented that you can shoot Julie Newmar, but it was in a rare tape.