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Farmer Luigi

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Name: Farmer Luigi
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Male
Age: 60
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Farmer
Played By: Tony Rosato

Farmer Luigi is the form of Luigi that appeared in an episode of Super Mario World where he wanted to help out the stupid Cave People by growing food. He could also sometimes go into Emo Luigi mode whenever something wrong happens to his farm. He currently resides in a farm where he grows cave carrots, stone squash, and pebble peas. His greatest quality is his helpful pointer finger.


  • "You're gonna eat those words, Mario!"
  • "As well as some very good shit."
  • "Not to mention Cave Cabbage, Stone Squash, and Pebble Peas!"
  • "We've rescued the crops, friends! And here they are!"
  • "YOSHI!!!"
  • "Well since you've ate the whole thing, now you can do the 'hoe thing!'"


  • Has the power to make people somehow physically eat words.
  • Sometimes believes Yoshi is actually crops.
  • He's the leading provider of Cave Cabbage, Stone Squash, and Pebble Peas.
  • He uses his finger for sexual intercourse, rather than his genitalia. Often called a "fingerbang".