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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Vhsico.jpg This person is an Analogue Pooper.

In Brief

Mullet is a lesser known pooper and member of YCP.


He discovered mainstream poop (cdi, dbz9000, lazar, etc.) while web surfing, and soon after started making poops in his own style to stand along side other ytp's at the time. Some of his early work attracted harsh criticism from other ytper's which caused him to become more of a separatist; no longer calling his video remixes ytp's and swearing against ever using common poop sources or techniques. Over time, that butt hurt would subside into true disregard for the costly war on AIDS, his lack of popularity in the poop world, anyone who may criticize his poops, or, concern for anything aside from making poops for the lulz.

First poop made

This is not clear due to earlier videos being self deleted or flagged by You Tube, as well as this member often reinventing through creating new accounts, and, sometimes deleting old ones across You Tube and Daily Motion alike throughout the time of him being a pooper. This is also obscured by the philosophical debate over what is a poop.

First poop seen

Some CDI mess, maybe walrusguy.


Satire above show of raw technical prowess. Effects and editing as a means to arrive at a satirical goal rather than an end unto themselves.

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

WMM Sony Vegas Pro 8


  • Heat
  • humidity
  • food
  • being difficult
  • not communicating properly
  • communicating properly
  • pina coladas
  • walks in the rain
  • making love at midnight


  • yoga
  • not having half a brain
  • dull routines
  • accidentally making a date with my wife when we were trying to cheat on each other


  • Poor grammar
  • slow pacing
  • left leaning political opinions
  • using too much ketchup on hamburger sandwiches
  • unnecessary rants
  • posting non-poop criticisms on this list
  • referencing Escape by Rupert Holmes in his wiki listing, knowing that no one who reads Chewiki is likely to catch it, or, be impressed if they did.




  • do i have influences?
  • Well, do you?
  • i don't know, do i?
  • Surely, you must have been inspired by someone to start working on YTPs.


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