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Princess Toadstool

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Name: Princess Toadstool
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Female
Occupation(s): Princess
Played By: Jeannie Elias & Tracey Moore

Princess Toadstool is the self-acclaimed ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and the only schoolteacher in Stone City.

Princess Toadstool is how The Princess of Mushroom Kingdom was presented before 1993, when the princess's first name was revealed as Peach in the Yoshi's Safari video game. The Princess as she appears in the NES Super Mario Brothers video games, SNES Super Mario World video game, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Super Mario Brothers 3 TV show, and Super Mario World TV Show is, Princess Toadstool.


Good friends with Mario and Luigi, she presides over the Mushroom Kingdom with the help of her adviser Toad. Although she is naturally blonde, Princess Toadstool experimented with dyeing her hair brown or red.

Princess Toadstool's hobbies include:

  • Telling people that they're going on a diet.
  • Getting grabbed by Koopa Football Players.
  • Encouraging her students to show off their volcanoes.
  • Collecting game pieces from the highly underrated "One of His Scales" series.
  • Sex with Birdo and Wendy O. on Thursdays.
  • Denying Mario sex despite everything he's done for her.
  • Not watching Rock TV (something she has in common with Tiff)

Creation of Daisy[edit]

Main Article: Princess Daisy

It is a little-known fact that a second princess, known as Daisy, was synthetically created by Princess Toadstool. It began late one night when Peach was incredibly drunk. Her hair was dyed brown and her dress soaked in yellow paint at the time, and she began claiming to strangers on the street that she was "high on daisies," an apparent slang term for Grounder's smokes.


The Princess is now a permanant slut.