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A capsule hotel.
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Hotel nautical signal flag.

A hotel is a building with rooms that you can sleep in if you pay a certain amount of money. Usually, you will stay in one if you are on vacation.

They are known in Youtube Poop for their appearance in the game Hotel Mario, which had 7 Koopa Hotels.


  • Each of the Koopalings, aside from Iggy, have their own hotels.
    • Iggy's hotel was replaced by Bowser's just because he wanted to have one of his own, while Iggy hated having his own hotel. Thanks?
  • The princess is in another hotel.
  • A cheaper and more convenient version of a hotel is a motel.
  • Travis Touchdown lives in a hotel in Santa Destroy, California.
  • Sometimes, teenagers or (cheating) spouses will book a hotel room.
    • Love hotels exist.
  • Nicer (expensive) hotels contain suites, which contain multiple rooms.
  • Their televisions have only limited channels.
  • They may or may not have video games or the Internet involved.
  • Elvis Presley's most famous hotel he visited was a little known place named "Heartbreak Hotel".
  • There are capsule hotels, which contain small rooms designed for one person to lie down in. These only appear in Japan for the most part, however.
  • In the NATO phonetic alphabet, Hotel is used in place of "H".
    • In maritime usage, the hotel flag is used to indicate that a vessel has a pilot on board.
  • Nairobi has spectacular hotels.

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