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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

In Brief


EnoRed is a popular Pooper on YouTube. EnoRed has only created 8 poops, but they are very funny.


Poops made

  • Batman and the Riddle of the Minotaur - Batman and Robin head to the Minotaur's maze and face the Riddler in a mighty battle of wits, corn and straight lines, while Selina Kyle faces the trial of her life! And don't you even think for a second that the judge is finished! But it all boils down to one question... Where's the Riddler's chinese finger puzzle?

Added: January 25, 2007 Batman is up to his shoulders in hot water once again! The Penguin is on the prowl and has sabotaged the Batmobile so that it will do a whole load of crazy shit and has taken Earl, Batman's mechanic, hostage!

  • The Joker at Casino Royale - Welcome back, true-believers! This time Batman is having a run-in with his old foe the Joker down at the "Joker's Wild" casino, and has to stop his latest insane caper... If he can stop getting electrocuted and hit by 2x4's, that is.

Gasp as the Joker makes ridiculous facial expressions due to clumsy animation (Courtesy of Akom. Hats off to you)! Laugh as he is sodomized by the wardens at Arkham Asylum! And then stare in wonder at the complete assault of the senses that is the "Casino Royale" musical finale!

Added: July 11, 2007 After reviewing my original Batman Poops, I've seen that I've used a lot of padding and bits that I didn't even think were that funny to extend the length of the videos, thereby lowering the quality...

So here I've taken out all the pulp and combined all my personal favourite bits from all three of my Poops so far, like picking the perfect pieces of corn out of your feces... Even though I'm sure I've padded it out even here! There's also a new little intro I made out of the one that dvariano created; credit to him for that.

  • YouTube Poop: Dr. Strange's Identity Crisis - After realising Batman is not quite enough to use to make these videos, I've caved in and decided to include clips from other shows... I'm still avoiding the cliche's other than the odd Robotnik appearance.

So yeah, in the nonexistent plot of today's episode Batman is accosted by one Dr. Hugo Strange who is having a hard time deciding on just who Batman actually is, all while Joker's face deforms into a horrendous mess, Bruce Wayne laments the death of his crazy cousin, Judge Vargas tries to stop us from seeing Nick Frost's embarrassing video tape and Two-Face wishes people would just get to the point.

And be sure to leave your message at the sound of the shriek.

A classroom has been locked up and is forced to watch a poorly made video consisting almost entirely of unimaginatively used CD-I Zelda footage. At least Homer seems to like it.

Maybe I'll get more views now that Mama Luigi is involved.

(more) Added: February 22, 2008 Another quick thing. First I've made in a while, only because I saw the clips on StarRodMan's videos and I thought it might be amusing. Kudos to him I suppose (especially if he doesn't hold this against me, for whatever reason).

So yeah, video from Azumanga Daioh and sound from Arfenhouse 2 and FotNS. I would've removed the yellow subtitles in areas, but I A: Don't have a video editing tool good enough to do that and B: While I maybe COULD have, I didn't feel like editing it frame by frame... Especially when it might just look terrible


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