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User.jpg  This article is about ThePuzzledboy, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.



Okay, just a little Linux humor there.

My Ideal Date

August 24, 2000 (see the link for the reason, and a nice lil reference for the forum-goers)

Favorite YTP sources

(at least, the ones known to be used here on Chewiki... and also care to keep tabs on as the source itself and/or in YTPs)

Favorite poopisms

  • Spadinner (just in case it wasn't obvious)
  • Pitch-shifted stutter loops (especially alternating ones)
  • Ear rape (if only for the shock factor upon initial watch of whatever poop features it)
  • Glitch art (I may never truly understand how that shizz even works)
  • G-major (Wait, that's a poopism? Well, The More You Know®)
  • Flash Poop (Thank you, NPCarlsson/Jimmy Davis, oh and whoever made Hotel Mario: Gears of Toasters)
  • SuS (and JoJ. And HoH SiS. And FaaF. Blame the C of S188s and also DaThings1.)
  • Story-based poops (I like telling stories. And sentence mixing. Speaking of...)
  • Sentence mixing (I mentioned NPCarlsson, Jimmy Davis, and cs188; is this honestly much of a surprise?!)

Currently armed with

If there is a page here on Chewiki, links will be available. (Especially if there's a section devoted to a specific version I use.)

Operating systems

  • Windows 2000 Professional SP4
  • Windows XP Professional SP3
  • Windows Vista Home Basic SP2
  • Windows 10 Home

Video editors

I also might use Adobe Premiere (6.5 on 2000, Pro 2.0 on XP, CS4 on Vista, and CS6 on 10) for one reason (certain effects that aren't in Vegas) or another

Video compositors / VFX

Audio editors

Effects Plugins

Other links

YouChew forum

Final Words

Two words: stay puzzled!