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I.M. Meen (Video Game)

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Name: I.M. Meen
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Video Game
Year Created: 1995

Being more of a FPS game than an educational one, this game was originally an "action-packed" 3D "learning" FPS adventure PC/DOS game for kids "ages 9 and up." It was once a new and fairly popular source for poops, but is not seen as much anymore.


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Gameplay from I.M. Meen. Yep.

Despite being a librarian, I.M. Meen hates anyone with a liking for literature and academics, of whom he likens to "Goody Goodies". He totes around a forbidden book of magic that isn't to be read. When the kids open up this book, they're sucked inside instead, and enter Meen's evil labyrinth. The children are then locked into a dark cell, taunted ceaselessly by Meen himself, and mauled by his pets. The children must escape with the assistance of Meen's cohort Gnorris, Writewell's Book of Better Grammar, and a variety of strange magical scrolls and weapons, such as exploding plums.

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Video Game


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