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In Boxer[edit]

AbsoluteBillion, or Billion has been a pooper since January 2008, using Sony Vegas for his poops, with 2 months' experience with Windows Movie Maker prior to Vegas. Though his activity has varied over the years, he currently has over 120 videos on his main account.


Darkscrub (2007)[edit]

Before AbsoluteBillion was, well, AbsoluteBillion, he went under the internet alias "Darkscrub," who at this point in his life figured he'd try his hand at making shitty art on dA. This phase went out very quickly, as he soon came upon the astounding realization that his shit was indeed shitty.

He first discovered Youtube Poop sometime in August of 2007 while on the Hotel Mario page of Uncyclopedia, and found one of Bobomb99's poops on the article. He became hooked instantly.

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Billion circa 2020[YOU'RE GONNA BURN, ALRIGHT]

In November he fired up Windows Movie Maker in an attempt to make some of his own videos, and made three horrid poops. They only relied on cliche Sentence Mixing and mostly CD-i. After WMM crashed on him for the umpteenth time, he got tired of it and stopped. Around this time he started lurking the forums and got a feel for Youtube Poop more than beyond the cliche-ridden surface. His opinions hardened, and he was ready to start again. As this happened, Darkscrub was abandoned for not only being a rather shameful part of his history but also that he sounded like a huge Legend of Zelda fanboy with it. The account was officially closed on April 2008 and no trace of its videos exist anymore.

AbsoluteBillion (Jan. 2008 - Present)[edit]

Born from the charred remains of Darkscrub, AbsoluteBillion was a hardened young warrior. Equipped with Sony Vegas he made his first video live on January 23, 2008, posting it on the forums the same day. His video was well-received, and even though he finds it a shameful work it served as what would become his style of pooping: Striving for a wide variety of sources, it has made him far more popular than he deserves. He has since popularized the use of Blue's Clues as a source and has earned over 1000 subscribers in his first year of pooping.

AbsoluteBillion would head through times both good and bad but nonetheless persist. There were months where nothing would be made at all, and then there were periods of plentiful pooping. He tried his hand at tennis towards the beginning of his time but soon grew bored with it. (This would re-surge later and result in the formation of "TyphloidFever") Eventually he stopped caring much about what anyone thought of his videos and just started making whatever he felt like. How he's been able to attain so many subscribers is beyond him.

TyphloidFever (Nov. 2010 - ???)[edit]

TyphloidFever became AbsoluteBillion's tennis alt, based on a wordplay between his favorite Pokemon - Typhlosion - and the disease "typhoid fever". This account was mostly active for a few months after acquiring a bigger-albeit-short-lived interest in Poop Tennis.

Since then, his interest in Poop Tennis has largely faded as he grew bored of the more fast-paced, effects-intensive videos and became more focused on making humorous poops like he initially was.

Youtube Poop[edit]

First poop seen[edit]


First poop made[edit]

(made on this account at least) William Shatner Torrents the Orange Box


Poop Listing[edit]

Listed in chronological order, and not including Poop Tennis, trap videos, video responses, fillers, or Collab entries.

Video Title Date Year Time
William Shatner Torrents the Orange Box 1-23 2008 2:53
Makemebad35 Hits a Mailbox 3-27 2008 0:54
It's a Letter From Our Friends! 4-14 2008 2:17
The Scout Goes Sandwich-Jacking 4-21 2008 1:07
John Freeman's Inferno 5-18 2008 1:01
Mansion Luigi 6-01 2008 4:04
Sweet 16 gets Brain-Raped 6-27 2008 1:46
Fred Phelps Dabbles in the Dark Arts 7-03 2008 2:19
LET'S SCAT 7-07 2008 1:13
Hulk Hogan Makes Sweet Love to his Grill 7-14 2008 1:16
There is no Beef 7-25 2008 1:38
MEET THE CAMPER 8-04 2008 1:02
Luigi and Toad have an Emotional Breakdown 8-06 2008 2:41
4-Star Hotel Mario 8-12 2008 1:21
Super Squid 64 8-18 2008 0:43
Ronald McDonald: A Tale of Growing Up 8-20 2008 1:41
The Sandvich Goes Scout-Jacking 9-03 2008 1:08
Grills Gone Wild 9-11 2008 2:20
The Mental Traumatization of a Kid's Show Host 9-25 2008 3:27
Koridian Mythology and Fanfiction 10-09 2008 2:13
Luigi goes missing searching for his brother 10-23 2008 0:43
The Black Licorice Trifecta 10-31 2008 2:54
Clyde's Will and Testimony 11-12 2008 2:40
George contracts a waterborne disease 11-19 2008 1:44
Grylls Gone Wild 12-01 2008 2:11
Bill Cosby Sells his Soul for Pudding 12-15 2008 2:32
Scatovanni: The Musical 12-31 2008 1:20
One Year Later... 1-23 2009 5:23
Koopa Suffers from Hyperthermia 1-29 2009 4:32
Mike Rowe discovers an alternative to male enhancement 2-21 2009 2:06
Coward the Couragely Dog Show 3-07 2009 1:38
Albano + 3-15 2009 1:39
Dong County 4-01 2009 0:55
Hyrulian Mythology and Fanfiction 4-13 2009 1:17
Of Mutts and Men 4-14 2009 2:47
Grilltacular! 5-11 2009 1:59
BLU is Concerned with the Sanctity of their Pizza Party 5-16 2009 1:00
- Albano 5-18 2009 2:54
Bison's Gauntlet 5-28 2009 3:17
A day with the Demolitions Manager of R.E.D. 6-22 2009 0:48
Another day with the Demolitions Manager of R.E.D. 6-26 2009 1:16
Yet another day with the Demolitions Manager of R.E.D. 7-02 2009 1:22
Sun Tzu's "The Art of Yachting" 7-10 2009 1:07
His cuckiness: Big Fat Kicks of Feary 8-04 2009 1:17
Zeldacore 10-13 2009 1:05
Hotel Shatner 11-12 2009 2:30
BUDDY FUCKS OFF 12-25 2009 1:32
Patton's Excellent Adventure 2-07 2010 3:12
Letters From Our Friends 4-01 2010 3:56
The Complete Jake and Billion's Circlejerk-a-Thon 7-14 2010 8:28
Dance Safely! 7-19 2010 1:10
Youtube Poo Poo 7-20 2010 1:32
The Second Coming of Albano 8-13 2010 4:26
Shine On You Crazy Bill - Part I 9-01 2010 1:52
Uhuhuhuh...he said "load"... 11-19 2010 1:24
Samuel L. Jackson's Super Grocery Store Run 12-01 2010 6:50
The Ministry of Lost Clues 1-23 2011 3:28
James LaBrie Devotes His Life to the Study of Waterfowl 1-25 2011 0:34
GryIIs II - Electric-Type Boogaloo 2-15 2011 2:43
The Blue's Clues Collab 3-18 2011 10:06
Mikecraft 3-19 2011 2:10
Ogre and Packmule's Extraordinary Pilgrimage to Mecca 5-07 2011 7:26
god johnny lock the door for once 5-26 2011 1:07
GRYIIIS 6-14 2011 3:31
Poop Talk 7-07 2011 1:03
Shine On You Crazy Bill - Part 2 7-21 2011 1:10
Type Floyd Diabetes / Phloid Fever 8-16 2011 2:06
Boys Not Wearing Breeches Continually Violate OSHA Regulations 10-02 2011 1:13
ReLoads 11-03 2011 1:26
Steve Suffers a Shaq Attack 11-05 2011 2:19
Jerk 'n' Douche Tell Us About Homestuck 2-14 2012 1:34
Detective Steve Fucks Tha Po-Lice 7-7 2012 2:47
Freddie is Not a Fan of Djent :( 8-13 2012 1:31
The Poop Tennis Café - Love is [Not] Here 8-25 2012 1:47
Pit-Lord Cosby's Bountiful Melon Harvest 8-27 2012 2:34
The King Watches C-SPAN for Shits and Giggles 3-4 2013 1:48
YouTwerk Poop: Luigi & Fire Sumo TWERK TEAM! 7-24 2013 0:28
Fred Phelps Socks Fag Hooligan George Tacky, Dies on the Spot 3-21 2014 2:23
Diamond Dosh 7-12 2014 1:47
Steve Sharts His Britches and Blames it on the Dog 7-19 2014 3:13
The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breadloaf 9-20 2014 1:34
CleanCon '15 4-17 2015 1:36


Described as "powerpooping" by a fan, a various mix of older more traditional styles to newer, faster-paced and effects-laden methods. I like variety, which reflects in both how I make my video and what I use in it, which may not always appeal to my subscribers but who cares what they think???

Another appropriate way to describe it is not kosher.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Pretty much anything, from popular material to more obscure ones.

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Tech[edit]

  • Sony Vegas Pro 12


  • Windows Movie Maker, after 2 months of grueling work with it, I've grown to despise the program, despite a lot of people doing quite well with it. People also need to accept that even with plugins it really isn't that great of a program overall and should stop pointlessly defending it if anyone does that. It's buggy, prone to crashing and you can't do a lot with it. Deal with it.
    • As a joke and partially out of boredom, I made one poop using Windows XP Movie Maker. It received mixed reactions.
  • Most fad videos or their responses anyhow; I did a few fad responses around the time I first started pooping, but most require little to no effort, and many try and force it to become a fad.
  • People who take YTP more serious than they should, treating it as though it's some kind of avant-garde "art" or getting into debates over preferences in poop. I haven't taken this shit seriously since 2008 and neither should you!



  • Is very picky about what parts he uses in poops.
  • Contrary to the above line, he often slides in "filler" bits just to add time.
  • Considered a "Nazi" by some.
  • "Please using ear rape in your videos its so annoying and not funny"


  • Popularized Blue's Clues as a poop source.
  • Currently has over 4000 subscribers. (Only around 1000 actually watch my videos though)
  • Has more than 2.5 million views on his videos combined.


In Real Life[edit]

  • His brother, toadsalsa, who is occasionally seen on the forum, and has only made two poops, but he counts, right?


Poop Tennis[edit]

Versus Rounds* Started Ended Additional Notes
Trogdor7190 6 6-02-08 6-09-08 (Tennis Cup - Bracket 1) Won, went onto Bracket 2
The Robotic Robot 6 6-17-08 6-28-08 (Tennis Cup - Bracket 2) Lost
Rillion22 6 8-1-10 9-24-10 The battle of illions, in my first Tennis match in two years.
TheAnnoyingWeaboo 6 12-17-10 1-8-11 TheObnoxiousPokfag vs. TheAnnoyingWeaboo
TheChutley 6 (8) 9-27-10 3-21-11 Starring Glen Tennis (GEDDIT?) and Grum! Also, 5 completed matches!

* - The first number indicates how many rounds were initially planned. Numbers in parentheses indicates how many rounds were actually completed, if there is any difference.



  • Sleep deprivation
  • Autism
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • The occasional poop I watch
  • Let's just say everything he has ever watched ever and that should save us loads of room.


Mostly Useless Facts[edit]

  • I go by the username Billion on the Youchew forums, if you're willing to bug me there and haven't realized that that AbsoluteBillion fellow is nowhere to be found.
  • Contrary to popular belief I'm not sitting on Capitol Hill.
  • Though I consider myself somewhat of a perfectionist, laziness and impatience generally gets the better of me.
  • My favorite genres of music are 70s/progressive rock/metal and my favorite musicians and bands are Devin Townsend, Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush and Judas Priest. However I generally like anything in the rock spectrum from 60s rock to some extreme metal.
  • While still on the subject of creativity, I use Garry's Mod to make silly Gmod videos and upload them to my alt account, assuming I actually ever finish them.