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Roy Koopa

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Name: Roy "Bully" Koopa
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Male
DOB: 1970 (age 53–54)
Occupation(s): Professional Bully, Prince
Played By: Dan Hennessey

Roy being happy.

Roy "Bully" Koopa is one of King Koopa's sons, and is the strongest of his siblings.


Roy Koopa was born on March 15, 1970. As a kid, Roy was a fairly chubby kid, not very fit, but highly aggressive and easily angered. In the '70s, as a kid, he spent most of his free time listening to rock n roll from the '50s (his favourite music) while he would either eat or play with toys, which he would never share.

Concerned that he would be too fat to be useful, Bowser, his father, decided in 1981 to force him in to an exercise regimen. He started by making Roy do aerobics at the gym, while dressed completely in hot pink. By 1982, Roy would lose this fat and become very fit, which, at that point, he decided to move on to lifting to build muscle. By 1985, Roy would become the strongest of his siblings, which he used to torment them.

In 1988, he was given a doomship with the order to take over Sky Land. He did this, but was then beaten by Mario. Later, in 1989, he took over the Forest of Illusion in Dinosaur Land, which also failed.

In 1992, Roy Koopa opened his own hotel, Roy's Hard Brick Hotel, near Chicago, Illinois, which was later condemned in 1994, but renovated and reopened in 1996.

In 1997, with business booming at his hotel, and having been kicked out of King Dad's Castle, Roy decided to build his own gym, a massive complex trapped in the '80s, complete with hot pink leg warmers, featuring a massive cardio room, a massive weight room, an indoor track, an indoor swimming pool, and a large gymnasium, plus aerobics classes. This gym still lives on under his ownership to this day.

In 2007, his hotel was, unfortunately, condemned by the State of Illinois, and was then demolished in 2008. In 2009, however, he and his siblings were finally allowed home by Bowser, to cause more havoc, only to be beaten by Mario.

In 2014, Roy meet up with his evil doppelganger who also happens to be named Roy. Luckily, Roy Koopa stole Evil Roy's reinvitation to Smash and got into smash before Evil Roy came back in the games DLC.


You know it's Roy if he's...


Roy's evil doppelganger from the Fire Emblem series.


  • "Sorry, dino-dud. Luigi got changed into an egg. I SAW IT!!"
  • "Awww, SHADDUP!! We'll never get started!!"
  • "I'm gonna put you down undah! Six feet down undah!"
  • "I'll leave footprints, all right! On their faces!! CHAAARGE!!"
  • "I want one, King Dad!"
  • "This Magic Balloon only brings presents to instruction book children?! What kinda wimp is he?"
  • "Giant smiant, Big Mouth he ain't dat big a deal."