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Defunct Staffs

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This article follows a collective account of all the Staff groups that used to exist on the YouChew forums and why they disassembled, according to existing documents and research. While YouChew had only 5 staffs at the end of its lifespan (with Admins and Moderators being the longest standing, and also the Cafe Staff, Writing Staff, and the Design Staff), there have been a total of 13 that were used on the forum, 15 if one counts the "Food" and "Fasting" staffs, which have been traditionally offered forumwide every year on the 18th of August since 2008, and only active for that day.

Review Crew[edit]


Together with the Art Staff, News Staff and the Tennis Cafe Staff, this would be created in the months following the forums move to the new and more powerful server that launched on March 31st, 2008, though it is unsure what their distinctive role apart from the News Staff was. The known members of this separate group were Aesaun, Saiko, thewafflemaster, GameCubeHero, RealGenericFilms, TheDarkRises and Synister Sir, and they would all become merged together with the News Staff in 2009, which later became the Writing Staff as of 2011. The members of this group had names that initially were the same color as the News Staff, before becoming predominantly teal for the rest of it's existence.


The Janitor icon.

Under Dopply's administration, Janitors were created in September 2010 as subforum moderators that were restricted to operate only in those sections, with initially only one assigned to each board. The system originally worked in a way that involved the moderators voting in new Janitors for every month, having them take their position on the 1st and having them leave on the 31st, with the time being expanded to as long as 3 months if the moderators and popular demand desired it. Janitors would also be possibly only within the position for only a week, if the decision was dictated. The most common Janitor during the initial years was the General Chat Janitor, with names generally given a Red color.

For a while there could be seen more than one Janitor online at one time, with Axe995, Cantflyman, Nazeem, Bematt, Billion and Probo passing through the mop during this period. It wouldn't be until the time of Steg or Whelt as Janitor that it would become a one member staff, and later the subforum mod for only the Youtube Poop section, which would last for the rest of it's run. Smonge would become known as the longest running Janitor on the site, keeping the position for two full years and making many changes to the YouTube Poop section to improve both it's quality and usefulness, matching it to the image of the Tennis Cafe, which Smonge took much inspiration from. He would later become a moderator for his efforts, passing the Janitor title down to JacobketronCT, the last new Janitor to serve the site. Stuart K. Reilly had served as a Janitor briefly before Smonge and when dew declined the position due to personal matters he would step in as the site's last definite Janitor, before it would be combined with the Tennis Cafe Staff in June 2014 to create what is seen today as the Cafe Staff, effectively in charge of the entire Youtube Poop subforums. This is as a result the most recent staff on the site to have become defunct as of this writing.

Technical Staff[edit]

The Technical Staff icon.

In May 2010 Dopply attempted to create what he described as the "Area 51 of Youchew" which would be a crew of people to test out new technical features on the site before being released to the general community, which he kept super secret, even from the moderators themselves, until it was revealed. Members Billion, MrDrunkenFox, Cynnico, Black Puffin, FuturesPassed, Trogdor7190, XBR4D3NX, Spiral, SirSigma, SnobPritchard, EvilSkittleMonster, ifhgsfj, tabull and 89mot.def were all accepted into it, and the features would be tested on a private server hosted by Dopply himself called Users were set to also receive an Engineer Medal for technical service in taking part in this, but the project sadly fell through soon after being established.

In the Wake of Dopply becoming the new leader of the forums however, he would revive this in the forum of the Technical Staff, who he would employ based on members' levels of technical knowledge and then teach them how to handle the framework of the site, outlining very clearly that those who would join would have a lot of their time taken up and that they would have to be committed and trusted. The requirements he outlined were:

  • Minimal skill in any kind of computing required (the innards of computers, how to work command line)
  • Linux know-how is a bonus.
  • Trust, loyalty. These may seem like a given, but you will be given access to very delicate parts of the server. Keep in mind that any harm or foul play involved with this will not only invoke unnecessary data loss and heartbreak for many, but law enforcement on your ass anyway. No, I am not fucking around. For this job, you can't fuck around either.
  • Able to listen carefully, learn fast.
  • Are available many times of the day, and preferably within a moment's notice

Amongst the people that served the staff the most contributing that served on it was tabull, who would later become an administrator and be the primary force behind all of the technical aspects of the forums functionality and performance, as well as the penultimate host of YouChew. Others that were on it were AGSMA, ESM, Absol, Steg, robotnikman and most notoriously Oz, who would become the catalyst for essentially the exact thing that Dopply feared upon creating the staff when he attempted to seize the forums through the insertion of keylogger viruses into the database providing the passwords for several members, allowing him easy access into their accounts. When Oz was removed the staff continued to exist for a short time, but became ultimately removed in August 2011 due to essential uselessness. The people on the staff initially were given purple names, which later switched to orange.

Design Staff[edit]

The old Design Staff icon.

Concurrently with the Technical Staff Dopply also set to recruit what was originally called the "Skin Staff", later to be revised to the Design Staff. The purpose of this staff was to be the main minds behind the overall look of the site, designing for it different skins that members could choose from from their overall preference when viewing the forum, as well the creation of new site Logo design and other things related to visual appearance. The requirements outlined by Dopply were:

  • Experience with HTML/CSS/PHP or any kind of website design/coding
  • Art skills are a plus
  • Photoshop/Illustrator/GIMP or any related program skills are a plus
  • Trust, loyalty, and able to work for very long periods of time on a moment's notice

Rokto would be himself a very prominent member of this staff and contribute the slateR skin to the forum which would later become the default theme in August 2011 as well as port a theme called blackbox_blue to be used on the forum among many other contributions, and subsequently be selected as a moderator for the site for his efforts. Other people that served on this staff were initially Jayblin, Bya, AGSMA, Jaz, Parpadoo, and later the Art Staff and Freelancer Staff would become merged with it following the event of Oz's banning. Due to once again not serving much purpose however, the staff would become removed in August 2011. The names of those on the staff would be originally colored bright magenta, then in late 2010 would become ironically "skin" colored, before assuming the color of the Art Staff in the merging.


On December 3rd, 2015 it was successfully campaigned to have the staff revived, making it the first staff to become un-defuncted, with Fiddlesticks411, dew and Combuskenisawesome serving as its new members. The staff names also returned to the magenta color that they started out as. Fiddlesticks, Dew and Combuskenisawesome would later be replaced throughout 2016 and 2017 by HotFriedSkadoosh, BeanosOnToast, DiscoGlacier and Umigame.

Staff Artists[edit]

The Art Staff icon.

Another staff to come out of the new forum in 2008, the Staff Artists served the original purpose of designing art for the site, in the form of banners and images for special events, such as Tennis Tournaments and other things. It was one of the staffs that would be the brainchild of RabbitSnore, who entrusted his brother Black_Puffin with the responsibility of being the staffs de facto leader. Others that served on the staff were Cortes, Ishkibibl, Pullahoko, Wikiwow, Yenekckid, kingplatypus, Dippy, seanvol and Crazythesecond, before the staff also was merged together with the Design Staff in 2011. The names of it's members would be colored red orange throughout it's duration.


The icon for freelancers.

Freelancers were more or less an extension of the Art Staff, but it is unknown exactly what purpose they served outside of the standard duties of the said staff in relation. The name of its members were originally dark purple before eventually transitioning to regular purple; only Pullahoko and Fiddlesticks411 were known to have been on this staff. The group would also be merged with the Design staff in late 2011.

Shop Staff[edit]

Created on July 24, 2010 with the forum's update to InvisionPower software but only around for a very brief time. it is unknown who served on it, what their purpose was and what the name colors of the staff members were (if there were any).

A/V Staff[edit]


This would be a staff primarily created under the supervision of Oz for the launching of Chew Radio in April 2011, though the actual Radio program under the staff was very short lived. Everyone who joined was provided a download for a software known as WinAmp to be used to broadcast music, but it may have been later confirmed that this was one of the things that Oz intentionally rigged with keylogger viruses for his own benefit. Among the members who served on this staff were Captain, Rillion, Bya, McKrazyKing101 and NinjaMituski, and were given names that were light green, though this staff was swiftly disassembled following Oz's removal. A Chew Radio program still continued to persist following this though.

Donald Trump[edit]

The Donald Trump icon.
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IRL footage of the main Trump making YouChew great again

This staff only existed for the YouChew Halloween event of Oct. 30-31st, 2015 and was essentially created to capitalize upon the humorous fact that three different members all went as different versions of Donald Trump for their costumes, but served no other use otherwise. The members of the staff during that time were Captpan6 (as Donald Trump), Spiral (as Trump's Twitter handle, @realDonaldTrump) and Ride (as "Donald Trunk") and their names and icons were the same yellow of the Cafe Staff, with the singular difference being that their names were additionally bolded.