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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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An Analogue Pooper might not use Analogue equipment, but would probably enjoy the chance to.

In Brief

The Analogue Poopers are not self named and some do not even consider themselves as such, but they can often be spotted on the outer fringes of poop culture, doing their own thing and existing almost autonomously from not only the poopers who hang around on this site, but also the CD-i and Flash Poopers. The unofficial group share certain interesting hallmarks and are named Analogue in reference to the high aesthetic that is far more geek than it is kitch. In short, whilst their poops were not made using VHS era technology, they reference media that was. This, plus the extra dimension of brand identity, shows how Analogue Poopers deserve to have their poops homed not on youtube, but instead at the very start of a VHS cassette.

Trends and Troupes

  • The Number One Issue is BRAND: APs often create their own logo and brand, perhaps creating their own made up production company to add elaborate officialdom to their media. Sometimes too, this can mean including footage of old video and TV indents within the body of the work, or even in some extreme cases, on-screen graphics to indicate "Coming Up Later" or "Next Time...", all suggesting that the video is either recorded from television or part of something bigger.
  • Style of Pooping: Heavy image distortion is generally avoided, as is some of the more severe poopisms. This can be attributed to a much more caring manner than most other poopers. (see below)
  • Abuse (or lack thereof): On the whole, Analogue Poopers are well mannered and leave kind and helpful comments on each others videos. As absurd as it may sound, it could be argued that they want their audience to enjoy their poops as an interesting montage of media artifacts rather than an act of media destruction or subversion. It is rare to see a AP behave in an unruly or abusive manner, and swearing is often avoided too.
  • Meta: For the reasons stated above, care is often taken to accurately title and tag a video so that the fans of any media included within a poop may come across it. Again, not so that the fan will be annoyed that their special thing has been ruined or distorted, but rather that they should appreciate its appearance in a poop as a reworking, cameo, or as an act of fandom.
  • Trash Aesthetics Gone Wrong: Analogue Poopers are superb at finding and choosing old clips and strange artifacts for their poops. As natural born collectors, (and often super nerds) this can mean the appearance of truly inspired and unusual sources never seen before, and often not seen again, in a poop. It is this shrewdness that gives the Analogue Poopers their reputation for 'out-there' originality and also keeps their videos from getting stale or littered with memes.